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Will Meghan Markle Reunite With Her ‘Suits’ Co-Stars?


Megan Markle has been enjoying life back in the United States with her husband and son Archie, but it looks like her acting past as Rachel from Suits won’t leave her alone! With Markle and her family taking some distance from the Royal Family in the name of love, it looks like the Duchess’s acting career could be back on the table. She and her hubby have been busy recently — they released a new charitable partnership with their non-profit, the Archewell Foundation. They also just signed a podcast deal with Spotify and released their first US Christmas card just in time for the holidays. Meg even recently invested in a new oat milk latte startup.

Now, rumors have been circulating that Meghan might be present at an upcoming online Suits reunion. Well, at least there’s one good thing coming out of 2020 as we enter the new year!

The idea was brought up amongst fans after Patrick J Adams of Suits, who was hosting the virtual game night for charity, commented that a special guest would be appearing for a game night. He teased further, saying “All I’ll say is our special guest knows the ins and outs of both law and politics…”

It’s even spicier when you consider the fact that Markle played Mr. Adam’s love interest on the show. Adams said to the Radio Times that he was intimidated to talk to the now-royal Meghan after she got married to Prince Harry, commenting: “Quite frankly, I think I’m intimidated. I have no doubt I could pick up the phone and call her at any moment, but I don’t know what I would say.” He went on further to say that after their kids were born, there were text messages and gifts exchanged but he felt “pure fear” at the idea of “breaking through whatever walls exist to have that conversation.”

Of course, social media had a field day with it, with Suits fans giving thanks for a day they had previously only dreamed of. Still, the public was divided. Some believed she really would make an appearance, and others were convinced that at this stage in her life, she wouldn’t.  As usual regarding the Duchess, the masses definitely had a mixed bag of opinions. One online commenter said that the livestream had too much of a political actress for the royal to join, while another called her “Mrs. Attention Seeker.”

We bet she’s glad to be slightly more off the radar since moving away from the UK. If we were under that much scrutiny, a remote cabin sounds more ideal than California, but at least she’s amongst her acting community. Royal experts criticized her harshly for encouraging Americans to vote in the US election, especially urging women, but a royal aide said the family felt “violated” and were left “wringing their hands.” Probably due to the fact that the British Royals haven’t taken any sides in the election. We think it’s pretty cool that she’s politically empowering women. 


Patrick’s Pretty Little Liars star wife Troian Bellisario said “Hosting game night is a true holiday tradition in our house. We couldn’t be more excited to virtually welcome our Suits family and all the fans this time around in the hopes that we can play a small role in supporting the on-the-ground efforts in the Georgia runoff this January.” Her hubby said he was excited about bringing back Mike Ross on screen and doing it for such an important cause. 

Earlier in 2020, Patrick J Adams discussed his ex-work wife to Access Hollywood, mention that he was happy about how politically vocal she was regarding the election, but that he missed spending time with his friend and they didn’t have regular contact. 

It seems like Meghan has had quite a lot on her plate, and she hasn’t yet had time to catch up with her old Suits squad, which Adams hinted at, though he did say he was happy to have her back in California.

Unfortunately, the Duchess didn’t make an appearance on the livestream, leaving fans disappointed. Still, we’re not closing the door on future appearances. With so much flack from the Royal family (and a still icy rift with Prince William and Kate Middleton), we can totally see Meghan re-entering the workforce with an exciting role or cameo in an event like this.

Did you have a chance to partake in the Suits Game Night? Let us know how it went!