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10 Last Decade ‘Beauty’ Trends We Don’t Want To See In 2020


A new decade is upon us and we can’t wait to see what new beauty trends it will bring. Last 10 years have been incredibly eventful in this department and I think we can all agree that it has been the most fun we’ve had in years drawing moustaches on our faces, growing bushy armpits, and putting glitter wherever we wanted. It’s been a fun ride, but there were just as much cringe-worthy beauty trends that might have seemed cool at the time, but now that we look back it’s best to simply forget about them. Here are 10 last decade beauty trends we don’t want to see in 2020.

Uggs and Crocs

Every year there comes a time when something ugly and supposedly comfy emerges and steals the light from all other trendy things. This is what happened with uggs at one point in times and later crocs came on stage. Opinions may differ (after all, uggs are pretty warm and crocs are nearly un-killable) but we really don’t want to see anything like this in 2020.

The Moustache Trend

This weird trend happened around year 2013 and the whole web (and later real world as well) got infected with a moustache craze. Moustaches were everywhere! Teenagers were drawing them on their fingers, girls were making tattoos, people wore fake moustaches like it was a cool thing to do, and all kinds of moustache merch appeared out of nowhere. It might have been fun then, but I hope this trend won’t come back!

Fake Freckles

This one is relatively new and we’ve seen it appear literally out of nowhere. It’s not so bad if you compare it to other weird beauty trends, but why would you want to create something fake? Natural freckles are cute, unnatural ones – not so much. It’s just how things work.

Shaved Eyebrows

Opinions may differ on this one, after all, shaved eyebrows do help create an edgy look. That being said, they are definitely not for everyone. There has to be a certain style and outfit to match this edginess, otherwise it will end up looking out of place.

Skinny Jeans

What now seems like a distant bad dream was the harsh reality of the fashion industry just a few years back. I admit, not all skinny jeans are created equal and not all people look ridiculous wearing them, but when all, and I repeat absolutely all people of different build and complexion wear same skin-tight jeans…it’s like a fashion nightmare, not a beauty trend. I’m glad it’s gone and now people can wear skinny jeans only when they actually look good in them and not because there’s nothing else sold in stores.


Bathroom Selfies

Bathroom selfies are still a thing, but the trend is not nearly as big as four or five years ago. Everyone was making bathroom selfies back then! They were also the biggest source of photo fails in the history of Internet. Hopefully, this trend will disappear soon and we’ll never get to see it again.

Cold shoulder tops and sweaters

It’s so rare to see an elegant cold shoulder top design that I have to condemn the whole trend, which is still alive and kicking by the way. And if you actually decide to wear something like this, you’ll never know when to wear it – cold shoulder sweater is too cold for autumn and winter and too hot for summer!

Duck Face Selfies

Now this is something that almost got erased from our memory, but simply hearing the words ‘duck face’ brings it all back…Hundreds upon hundreds of duck-faced selfies overflowing the Internet. They were literally everywhere! And the worse part? Most girls actually though it was cute!

Bermuda Shorts

Why would anyone want to wear something that looks like cut trousers? And cut pretty high, I must add. They say that both men and women can wear Bermuda shorts, but I say no one should ever wear them if they have any fashion sense at all. Leave these shorts to school kids!


Chokers might have been passable in the 90s (things were out of hand back then and everyone wore everything), but now? When the world is filled with so many sophisticated styles and design ideas? No, thank you. Chokers made a comeback once and that’s more than enough. Let them go once and for all!