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6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks


You don’t have to be a genius or even a social media or celebrity expert to know that Kim Kardashian loves fashion. She goes to fashion weeks, she’s friends with fashion designers and big fashion houses send her outfits to wear to events. And Kim does her part to promote them. I mean, she might’ve had a rough start but since she and Kanye got together her style choices and fashion sense have become impeccable. You will never see her looking bad or messy and even when she’s wearing casual athleisure she still looks stunning, stylish and better than most of us when we make an effort to dress up. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she spends a lot on her clothes. So here are 6 of some of the most expensive looks Kim has worn.

1. Met Gala 2018

Kim is basically Met Gala royalty. Everyone expects her to wear something fabulous and she never disappoints. In 2018 she wore this incredible gold Versace dress with two encrusted crosses on it and it looked bomb. There are rumors that Donatella herself designed this one. And while the exact price wasn’t revealed you probably realise that dresses personally designed by Donatella Versace specifically for Kim probably cost an arm and a leg.

Met Gala 2018 | 6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks | Her Beauty

2. Met Gala 2019

Don’t worry, not all of these are going to be Met Gala looks, but you can’t write about the most expensive looks and not include at least a couple of them. The dress Kim wore to the Met Gala in 2019 had people talking about it for ages, and not only cause Kim’s body proportions are insane. Not only was the dress mesmerizing, but it was also unique and very exclusive. It was designed by Thierry Mugler who has been retired for 20 years. Again the price was never revealed but many have estimated it to be one of the most expensive looks Kim has ever worn.

Met Gala 2019 | 6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks | Her Beauty

3. Paris Fashion Week 2015

People don’t just go to Paris Fashion Week to see the new trends and collections, they also dress for the occasion and Kim knows how to dress to impress. For the 2015 Paris Fashion Week, she wore 12 different outfits worth thousands of dollars. The Balmain dress alone was over $2000 and she also wore a pair of boots worth about the same.


Paris Fashion Week 2015 | 6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks | Her Beauty

4. Kim’s Faux Fur Collection

Kim used to love fur coats, but she received a lot of criticism for wearing fur. With time she changed her views on fur and decided she’s not going to wear it anymore. So instead she remade all her favorite fur coats in faux fur, so she can still rock those cosy plush looks without harming any animals.

Kim’s Faux Fur Collection | 6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks | Her Beauty

5. The Great Gatsby Party

When everyone’s favorite momager Kris Jenner turned 60 she threw a themed party and of course, it had to be the Great Gatsby. Everyone in the Kardashian family dressed up for the occasion and Kim’s dress was probably the most expensive of the lot. That many crystals on one dress have to be worth thousands.

The Great Gatsby Party | 6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks | Her Beauty

6. All Black Everything

Even when Kim wears all black and it looks smart-casual you better believe her outfits are worth a lot of money. This one time she showed up to the airport in this casual all-black ensemble but you won’t believe how much it was worth. That wool coat is Givenchy and is $4500, those nude heels are Giuseppe Zanotti and cost $700, those Alaïa leggings are $625 (for leggings!), the purse is a Birkin so it’s easily $10000 and those Celine glasses are about $300. So this casual monochrome airport look is worth over $16000.