How 18-Year-Old’s Prom Dress Lands Her a Now Viral Photoshoot at the Washington Monument – Her Beauty

How 18-Year-Old’s Prom Dress Lands Her a Now Viral Photoshoot at the Washington Monument


When Jasmine Dauphine graduates from high school in Washington, D.C. this past June, there was one occasion she sadly never got to take advantage of her senior prom. When the coronavirus pandemic led to shutdowns and closures, Jasmine’s prom was cancelled, and all her prom hopes and dreams might have gone to waste. But Jasmine had a plan to make the best of a less than fortunate situation. Here’s how she later ended up manifesting a full-blown professional, high fashion photoshoot from a stranger, giving her an amazing alternative prom experience that she will definitely never forget now.

Once Jasmine realized her senior prom was cancelled — a major milestone that she’d been planning for since her junior year — she decided to try and make the most of it and still go dress up to celebrate. She put on her prom dress and found a great location as a photo backdrop for some run-of-the-mill smartphone pictures: the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. “I love art, so that’s really why I wanted my prom pictures to look like a piece of art,” said Jasmine.

“When my prom was cancelled, I completely understand why and wasn’t upset at that, but I was disappointed because I had been planning for prom for such a long time,” Jasmine explained. But she was determined to find a way to commemorate her senior prom.

Jasmine is a huge fan of Zendaya and Sza, and chose a look that was inspired by one of their major red carpet appearances.“

Jasmine’s sister agreed to come with her to the historical landmarks to take photos of her prom look. “I picked this location because I wanted something classy and artistic to look at and with the orange dress, I knew I would be able to pop how I wanted to,” Jasmine said. As they were about to leave, they caught the eye of wedding photographer Sara Isabella Ortiz.

Sara was totally blown away by Jasmine’s stylish look and asked if she could professionally photograph her. Jasmine agreed, and Sara took several stunning photos of the teen in her jaw-dropping, red carpet level prom gown. The photographer’s images of Jasmine are absolutely gorgeous and have gained immediate popularity online. Her breathtaking photos on Twitter now have over 580,000 likes, 47,000 retweets and thousands of positive comments celebrating Jasmine’s beauty and gorgeous fashion sense.


Jasmine, who posted the photos on her Twitter account, was totally unsuspecting and would’ve never guessed that her photos would gain so much popularity so fast. “When my pictures went viral, I was so shocked. I really couldn’t comprehend that so many people saw it and liked it. I am happy that I could share my dress with so many people,” said Jasmine.

There are so many amazing comments about how amazing Jasmine looks in her prom dress. Some of the comments on her amazing look included: