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Proof that Zendaya Looks More Fashionable Than Any Model


There are many reasons to love Zendaya. She’s a gorgeous girl, a talented actress, a proud feminist and a hilarious human with a great sense of humour. Whether you know her from her Disney days, the new Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland or from her role in the HBO’s Euphoria — chances are you think she’s absolutely brilliant and is, in fact, the bee’s knees. We couldn’t agree more. She can act, she can dance and she seems like a wonderful and fun person in interviews. But you know what else Zendaya excels at? She can pull off any look she wants to. That girl slays fashion and red carpets like it’s nothing. She can wear a look from the runway and make it look like the most casual and natural thing in the world. We’ll never understand how she does it. But here’s proof that Zendaya looks more fashionable than any model.

1. The Ralph and Russo purple and yellow dress looked great on the runway, but then you see Zendaya wear it to a red carpet and suddenly you realise that it’s even more gorgeous than you remember from the fashion show.

2. The pink Tom Ford dress is definitely risky, that top is just out of this world. It’s literally moulded for your body, which might feel very revealing, but Zandaya absolutely slayed this dress and made it look like a piece of cake.

3. Michael Kors blue and white floral motif dress with flowy sleeves and waist cutouts complimented Zendaya’s figure so well. It’s like it was made with Zendaya in mind.

4. The Mark Jacobs orange feathery dress is impossible to miss. There’s no chance you will be able to just blend into the crowd and remain anonymous when you wear something that bright and poofy, but Zendaya looked absolutely adorable in it.


5. The green Balmain dress isn’t easy to pull off. All of those cutouts and fringes on the skirt and on top of that it’s skin tight. One might feel very self-conscious when wearing something like that but Zendaya looked like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

6. Fausto Puglisi outfit looked absolutely stunning on Zendaya and we like that she paired it with a blazer instead of a yellow coat. It looked even better on her than it did on the model on the runway.

7. Michael Kors checkered dress or is that a co-ord? Either way, it looked absolutely stunning on Zendaya. So casual yet so chic, that’s very Zendaya isn’t it?

8. Georges Hobeika blush-coloured dress looked so sweet and elegant on Zendaya. It’s simple yet so feminine. We love how Zendaya plays around with her style and isn’t afraid to go for a suit one day and an ultra-feminine dress the next day.