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Woman Spends Thousands On Clothes To Look Like Kate Middleton


While most Brits feel something between indifference and hatred towards their royals, people across the globe admire them. Whether it’s because of their luxurious lifestyle, the unattainable nature of being born into royalty, or simply the drama and hidden secrets of powerful people, we don’t know, but some people are simply obsessed with the royals. 

Meet Anna Reichel, a mother of 2, originally from Germany but resides in Ethiopia. She is so obsessed with the British royal family that she actually started dressing like Kate Middleton. She has spent over $4000 on clothes in the past 3 years to look like Kate. She says it first started when she gave birth to her child and saw images of Kate with her newborn. Anna thought Kate Middleton looked so fresh and vibrant and she decided she wanted to look just as good too. 

Since then she’s been following Kate’s wardrobe must-haves and searching for them online. She says Kate often wears classic things that can be worn on the daily. A lot of Kate Middleton’s outfits are quite affordable, since she’s not hugely into luxury brands, you can find quite a few of her outfits in regular stores. You really don’t need to be as rich as the royals to dress like Kate Middleton. Anna admits that most of the items she bought she found on sale or bought second-hand from thrift stores. The only issue is that Anna lives in Africa, and most of the clothes she finds online are from Europe so the shipping rates are pretty sizable. But the price tag doesn’t stop her. She prepared to spend a pretty penny to look just like Kate Middleton.

At this point in time, Anna has about 100 items of clothing, identical to those worn by Kate Middleton, and she doesn’t plan on stopping, she jokes that her wardrobe is growing every day. In fact, she’s quite surprised that she didn’t spend even more money on clothes, considering how many things she’s bought. But since Kate likes wearing classic colors and silhouettes, it’s really easy to combine outfits and re-wear things because they go with everything. 


Anna admits that she’s been fascinated by the royal family since her childhood. Anna’s family comes from Britain, and her grandmother used to absolutely adore Princess Diana. Anna and her grandma would often watch TV broadcasts about the royal family and that’s probably where her admiration for the royals began. While she still likes watching stuff about the royal family, Anna says that Kate Middleton is her one true role model and the person she wants to resemble the most. 

Anna loves posting photos of herself dressed like Kate Middleton on social media and naturally, she has quite a few followers who share her love and admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge and her fashion choices. There are, of course, some people who say that Anna’s hobby is a waste of money, but Anna is always quick to point out that she buys most of these clothes in regular stores like H&M, Mango, and Marks&Spencer.