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10 Vegan Brunch Ideas


As a vegan, brunch isn’t always the most exciting meal to indulge in. Especially in restaurants. For that reason, we suggest making your own vegan brunch at home. These DIY recipes will turn out way better than an overpriced alternative. If you’re hosting or just cooking a feast for one, these recipes won’t have you missing the meat or dairy.

1.Healthy Breakfast Pizza

Imagine if a pancake and a pizza had a baby with a fruit salad – that would make this iconic breakfast pizza, which is sure to impress guests. It’s also tasty enough to devour by yourself. The base is essentially a blueberry pancake sweetened with stevia. It’s topped with healthy cream cheese frosting and whatever favorite sweet or fruity toppings your heart desires.

2. Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes & Hummus Toast

Here, plump and juicy vine tomatoes sit on a bed of creamy hummus, which all sits on a crust, thick slice of sourdough toast. Move over avocado toast, you have some new competition. Rustic, simple, and still somehow decadent. Balsamic vinegar infuses some sharpness and goes perfectly with the sweet tomatoes.

3. Zucchini Pancake Fritters

Sweet pancakes are great and all, but have you ever had zucchini, herb and feta cheese pancakes with the perfect sauce? This nom-worthy fritters are paired with a tangy yogurt dressing that is straight up addictive. The ideal addition to a brunch potluck.

4. Chili Cornbread Waffles

Another reason to invest in that waffle iron. Savory waffles are totally a thing, and they are 10/10 when made out of cornbread and topped with a soul-warming chili. With a spicy kick and a garnish of green onions, this brunch dish could be served in a restaurant, and best of all, it takes less than half an hour total to cook.

5. Vegan Monkey Bread

Cinnamon buns are so yesterday – instead, whip up this vegan pull-apart monkey bread, which is spiced, sweet, and best enjoyed at any time of day. This finger food is amazingly gooey and hard to stop at just one piece. The beautiful part about monkey bread is that you can pull of bite size pieces, slowly picking at it to savour it for the longest time possible.


6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Baked Oatmeal

Admittedly, oatmeal is not a star of mouthwatering breakfast ideas. But when you add chocolate chips, vanilla and apple sauce, it basically tastes like oatmeal chocolate cookie dough, and we’re not mad about that. You can sub the applesauce for yogurt or mashed bananas, and baking it provides a tasty crust.

7. Vegan Huevos Rancheros

It is possible to have hues rancheros without the meat and eggs? The answer is yes, and its replacement is scrambled tofu. With retired beans and hearty, spicy rancheros sauce, there’s no way that you’ll be missing the eggs in these babies. Avocado slices, cheesy nutritional yeast and jalapeño brighten things up over a bed of gently fried corn tortillas. Packed with protein! You can even create a tofu steak instead of a scramble.

8. Sun-dried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Tofu Quiche

All vegetarians and vegans know that mushroom is the meat of the veggie world, and when you bake it in a tofu quiche, this star ingredient really gets a chance to shine. A great meal prep option that created multiple breakfasts and varying slice sizes. For tomatoes, stick to sun-dried – don’t use high water content veggies unless you want a water-logged result!

9. Tempeh Bacon

Bacon is the holy grail of brunch sides that vegans are always missing out on. It’s not fair. And let’s be honest – store-bought tempeh bacon as it is doesn’t always cut it. This tempeh bacon has amazing ingredients to assist it, and a level of crispiness that similar recipes don’t hold up to. This recipe takes that store-bought tempeh and adds liquid smoke, maple syrup, herbs and soy sauce to make for a magical concoction.

10. Blueberry Oat Breakfast Squares

If you’re looking for a portable breakfast on the go or a way to energize your mornings, these blueberry oat breakfast squares are a delicious way to do it. With a thick, generous middle layer of blueberries, this vegan oat crumble is better than having a muffin for breakfast, and a lot healthier for you. The taste is just mildly sweet, and the squares are best served warm.