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8 Awesome Female Travel Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now


They are the women who drop everything in the middle of the week, day, or night, pack their bags in a few minutes (because they are partially pre-packed all the time) and storm out into the wild to get a glimpse of that special something that suddenly inspired them to go on a trip of a lifetime. Well, I might be exaggerating, but just a little bit. Female travel bloggers do travel a lot, sometimes even more than they should, leaving close to no time to note their discoveries and upload photographs. Yet when they do have time, we get to see and read some of the most peculiar, unusual, and wonderful experiences that come from truly brave, intelligent, and beautiful women that have seen a lot and are planning to see even more. If you’re lacking some inspiration, be it travel-related or otherwise, here are 8 awesome female bloggers that will add some colours to your day. And who knows, maybe you’ll want to become one of them?

Kristin Addis – Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis has a larger than life passion for travelling and knows more about doing things solo than any other blogger out there. She’s ditched a banking career to go hitchhiking in Asia as well as good old hiking in the most beautiful spots of the world. Despite her busy schedule she always finds the time to blog about what’s important to her and to help other female travellers gain confidence in what they do.

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Sabrina Lovino – Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina Lovino is a stark example of what a woman can do when travelling on a budget…Which is – anything she wants! From pet housesitting to exploring Malaysia’s islands and discovering the not-so-glam side of the Philippines – this woman isn’t afraid of anything and does a wonderful job at documenting her adventures.

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Gloria Altanmo – The Blog Abroad

Gloria Altanmo is an ambitious young woman who has find her voice thanks to travelling and hasn’t stopped sharing her experiences ever since. Be it excitement, the thrill of adventure, or some painful realizations – she spills it all out to make the experience of other women’s travels a bit easier and to warn the ones coming behind her about what to expect. She’s a real gem!

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Kiersten Rich – The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich is a living and breathing example of a woman who decided to turn her passion for travelling into a stunning career. She proves that everyone can be a professional and do lots of travelling at the same time, you just have to find something you really enjoy doing while you’re at it. Kiersten is a brand consultant, adventure traveller, and a global advocate for solo female travel.

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Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust

If you’re young and desperate, but still willing to travel – here’s an inspiration for you. Brooke Saward left Tasmania when she was 22 years old and started travelling non-stop, eventually turning into a seasoned luxury travel writer. She’s created her very own app, she sells eBooks, and blogs whenever she has the chance.

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Mapping Megan

If you have a passion for travelling this doesn’t actually mean you have to do it alone. It just so happens that most of the time it’s hard to find a person you can share it with, but it’s not impossible, and Megan is one of those lucky women who found a man that matched her perfectly. They met in Africa, got married with a volcano at the backdrop, went up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and haven’t stopped travelling ever since, but this time – as a couple!

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Laurie Satran

How about travelling all year round and still have a full-time job? Some may say it’s difficult and nearly impossible because travelling IS a full-time job, but Laurie Satran manages to do both. She’s a Huffington Post blogger and a passionate traveller who loves photography and just a little bit more comfort while travelling. She’s an inspiration to all those women who think one can’t travel with a steady job.

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Lauren Bath

Pro travel Instagrammers might not surprise anyone these days, but only because once upon a time Lauren Bath from Australia quit her job and invented a new one that suited her dreams and passions – a professional Instagrammer and a marketing specialist with a focus on tourism. She was the first to make a career like this in Australia and became an inspiration for women all around the globe.

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