8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Coffee with butter, AKA Bulletproof coffee, which is said to provide superhuman energy and performance enhancement. It is a blend of coffee, brain octane oil, and grass-fed cow butter, making for thick and sumptuous beverage. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, gain inspiration, or just lose a couple of pounds, bulletproof coffee offers a variety of uses for everyone.

1. It’s more than just a buzzword. Brain octane oil is very high quality cocktail oil, providing integral MCT oil and healthy fat content. This MCT oil, or Brain Octane Oil, brings a rich amount of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, letting you get an energy boost without the crash.

2. It can help improve creativity and inspiration. If you’re having a bout of writer’s block or just can’t seem to get out of a creative slump, a dose of bulletproof coffee might help rejuvenate your intellect and energy.

Energy boost | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty

3. Bulletproof coffee is loaded up with essential nutrients along with these fatty acids, which help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and your body from Parkinson’s disease. It can also stave off diabetes and even low blood cholesterol levels.

Essential nutrients | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty

4. Beyond that, it can improve cardiovascular and liver health as well as fighting depression. We’ll trade in our average cup of Joe for that.

5. By facilitating the breakdown of body fats and converting it into energy, bulletproof coffee provides energy and accelerates weight loss.

Fighting depression | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty

6. Those who consume it in the morning attest to feeling satiated for much of the day, proving its power as an appetite suppressant between meals as well as curbing sugar cravings. Who needs a Kardashian-reviewed diet tea when butter was the answer all along?

Appetite suppressant | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty

7. Apart from its glorious depression fighting abilities, bulletproof coffee also promotes and stimulates brain health due to its fatty acid content. It promotes cell regeneration and can moderately improve cognitive abilities and functions.

Improves cognitive abilities  | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty

8. If you drink a lot of coffee, you probably suffer from cravings and headaches. However, bulletproof coffee can help naturally curb those caffeine cravings and head pain – every coffee addict’s dream come true.

Head pain curb | 8 Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee | Her Beauty