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Baker From Canada Makes Super Cute Treats


We all spend way too much time online looking at pictures and watching videos of other people and comparing ourselves to them. That’s no way to live. Comparison is the thief of joy. But since there’s no way you’ll stop doing it, we suggest that you at least become choosy about what kind of content you consume. Try following more accounts online that create something beautiful and something that lifts you up, inspires you or gives you good vibes and good ideas. And when it comes to Instagram, we honestly consider food Instagram to be a kind of art too. And today we want to share with you Grace’s creations. She goes by @petrichoro on Instagram and she’s a self-taught baker that creates some seriously beautiful and very cute things.

One of the things that blew our mind the most was this pond cake made up of mousse layers and jello. It’s absolutely stunning, and it actually looks like a pond that’s just suspended in the air. The details, the colors, those flowers and koi fish. It’s almost too beautiful to eat, but you know you’d still have a bite after you took a gazillion photos of course. Grace actually made it for father’s day and all we can say is that her dad is a very lucky man.

This woman is so talented she can turn food into the most adorable little creatures. Here she managed to make the cutest pandas out of just rice and a bit of seaweed. Creating a burger that looks just like Totoro is clearly not an issue for her either.

This one time she baked a roll cake that looked exactly like Eeyore just because it was always her favorite character in Winnie The Pooh, since early childhood, and she had an inkling it could look really cool in a roll cake shape. And boy was she right. Look at that cake, the color, the detail, the little tail with a bow!

Even a simple sunny side up egg can become a work of art and an adorable dish if you put your mind to it. Just a few minutes to cut the shapes out of seaweed and suddenly your breakfast is transformed into Pikachu. Who wouldn’t want to start a day like that?


This bowl is too precious for words. I mean, that looks like a teddy bear having a bath in soup, but also you can just tell that it’s absolutely delectable. It was actually a tonkatsu curry and Grace spent 20 minutes trying to cut those eyes out of nori and she still thinks they aren’t perfectly even. That’s how you know she’s a perfectionist. She likes to joke that she does this because she has too much free time on her hands, but we’re pretty sure it’s because she has a gift and it needs to be shared with people.

Donuts actually made of donut holes? How freaking genius is that? It looks way more exciting and new and you actually get a creative way to use up those wholes if you actually are doing regular donuts. But we’re pretty sure that if you put regular donuts next to these people would still go for the ones made of donut holes.

Grace is also great at making all sorts of macaroons. And we don’t just mean like she does regular macaroons, which is difficult enough, no she can make cute anime character shaped ones.

Just look at the variety of shapes, colors and character she made here. All these are macaroons. That takes time, effort, skill and so much patience.

And these adorable things are choux au craquelin, with a brown sugar boba filling. We’re pretty sure you’ve never had anything like this but just by the looks we’re gonna say it’s probably divine.