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Fancy Swiss Roll Art Made With All Natural Colors – Make Your Own!


Meet social media food sensation @ojiobachanok, who bakes delicious and dreamy looking desserts, all with natural colors.

Their most famous creations are roll cakes, often with a vanilla and matcha swirl and always with an adorable matching design on the exterior.

The designs are usually inspired by fruits or nature, but you’ll occasionally find other foods, like corn dogs, burgers, and fries. If you love food, cakes or roll art, this page will be a real treat for you.

A roll cake is a Japanese dessert that’s not overly sweet, and tastes perfect with a cup of tea. To make a roll cake, or a chiffon cake, you can check out the recipes on her Youtube channel.

Recent creations include a cherry round bread, baked with cherry jam and decorated with adorable, juicy red cherries.

Others include a kiwi bread, which is decorated with cute kiwis on the exterior. We see a theme here, and are absolutely in love with it.

If you’re home during the pandemic, this is a fantastic way to teach the kids things in an unusual way. For instance, see this animal roll-cake where you can teach all about the cows, horses, and sheep. This one is filled with Japanese plum cream, giving a sweet and sour flavor.

If everyone is bummed out over a rainy day, take advantage of the silver lining: rain is ideal baking weather. This one has big, fat raindrops, polka dotted umbrellas, and fun galoshes.

Green tea and matcha lovers, meet the green tea roll-cake, which celebrates the vibrant green ingredient through illustrations of mochi, soft serve, cheesecake, lattes, and other classic Japanese desserts.


Here’s a cute example from her bread art that would be super to make at home with the family. In this version of Count von count bread, she got her pigments from purple sweet potato powder.

These are snacks that aren’t just mouthwatering, they’re healthy and free of chemicals unlike many dye-filled alternatives that can be bought at the grocery store.

To create these faux sushi rolls, which the creator describes as “rose deco sushi” they used black cacao, spinach powder, and red beets as the main base.

For the Star Wars fans in your life, here is a a loaf of Yoda bread. The bright green color was given with spinach powder. Perhaps the best way to get your vegetables in.

You might give these a look and think they’re chocolate covered strawberries or cake pops. But they’re actually buns made with homemade strawberry jam that the blogger created herself! We love the pastel color details and bet the flavor on these are out of this world.

Here are two deer grazing in a meadow, with explosions or brightness in the background. It memorializes a grass burning fire event in Nara. The luscious green was created from green tea cream, which is what this yummy creation was made with.

This was created nearly a year ago, but it one of our favorite posts on the IG account.We’re always suckers for baked goods that look like sushi rolls! This kind of sushi is known as “Gunkan”, and these buns only look like it on the outside, with a sweet interior.

We’re saving this recipe for winter! A persimmon roll cake filled with persimmon cream. Mmm. The persimmon is a highly underrated fruit in the grocery store, and we want to bring it back into fashion with this cake.