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10 Cozy Balcony Ideas


When you are living in a small flat or apartment, if you are lucky enough to have an accompanying balcony, they are usually pretty small in size. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped on your patio, or sacrifice on beautiful décor. Putting some effort into creatively designing your small balcony will be worth the challenge, taking your space from small and boring to cozy and luxurious. Strategically designed, small balconies can provide space for additional seating, a reading nook, or a green, garden oasis. For the best design inspiration to spruce up your patio area, check out these 10 cozy balcony ideas.

Upgrade your flooring

Most balconies are a drab concrete and lack any pop of color. You can easily add some dimension and personality to your space with interlocking deck tiles. They are easy to install and can be found in several patterns and materials.

Install a planter wall

Vertical gardening is all the rage right now, and a planter wall is the perfect way to maximize your balcony and give the effect of an elongated space.

Make a privacy screen

A privacy will work wonders for creating an air of luxury and style to your patio. Patio screens make for a great DIY project, or can be purchased at several online retailers like Amazon and IKEA.

Install an elevated table

Utilizing an elevated table will totally open up your space for more design. This mini table is essentially similar to shelving that can attach to balcony railing, creating the perfect high top to accompany bar stools or chairs.

Get some shade with a canopy

A canopy over your balcony can provide some much needed shade and create another layer of personality for your space. It will also offer some soft lighting and color at night.


Add a touch of light

Balconies are almost as fun and beautiful at night as they are during the day. Your cozy deck will come alive at night with lighting draped over railing or walls. Colored or warm lighting will definitely make your space pop.

Toss in a hammock

Nothing saves space in a small area like hangable seating. Hammocks are a classic addition to any outdoor area, and will give your patio a cool, hip flair.

Choose functional seating

Finding seating that doubles as storage is a great way to save on space. You can find seating that has storage underneath, or comes with attached vertical storage through lattice structuring and shelving. Seat storage can store pillows or even small tables.

Go for inexpensive, mobile furniture

If you plan to utilize your balcony for multiple uses, then plan to keep your set up light and easy to break down. Box crates or wood pallets topped with a few pillows are still comfortable and cute, but can be easily removed to open up your space.

Don’t skip out on plush and comfort

Your small balcony can be a mini lap of luxury, with just a few plush pillows, a comfy rug or soft seating. A balcony full of bright, luxurious linens and pillows will immediately relax you after a long day.