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What’s Your Plant Soulmate According To Your Zodiac Sign


If you like plants, you’ve probably noticed that some of them make you feel happy and bring good energy into your home, while others bring nothing but trouble. Well, Astrology has something to say about this, too! It turns out that each Zodiac sign has a plant that suits it best. Yep, we are talking about plant personality here! And yes, it exists and you need to be careful when picking your plant because you can end up with something that doesn’t suit you at all. Here’s your plant soulmate according to your Zodiac sign.

Aries – Cactus

Aries is an independent person who likes to stay outdoors and travel all around the world. That’s why they need a plant that will do its own thing while they’re out in the wild or exploring the city. Cactus is exactly that! It will survive even if you don’t show up at home for a whole week!

Taurus – Jade

Taurus is persistent and loves to have a certain routine. Being a Taurus, you’re in love with discipline, that’s why a plant like jade will become your perfect plant soul mate. It grows at a steady pace, has its own routine, and will make you calm and happy when it grows up.

Gemini – Air Plant

Gemini people are independent and love change more than anything else. You don’t like to stay in one place for long, which makes it almost impossible to have a pet or a plant. That’s why your plant soulmate is the gorgeous air plant.

Cancer – Money Tree

Cancer is a very grounded person and finds solace in a happy abundant home. The best plant choice for you is a gorgeous money tree which has incredibly powerful positive energy. You have a nurturing nature that suits this tree the best. In return, it will bring you luck and create a great atmosphere in your house.

Leo – Bromeliad

Leo’s charisma and warmth makes them the centre of everyone’s attention. For people like this bromeliad is the ideal plant. This exotic flower is reminiscent of Leo’s flashy personality and they are very easy to take care of.

Virgo – Rubber Tree

Virgo is the most meticulous, hard-working, and reliable of all the Zodiac signs. They have high standards, but at the same time they are very caring and feel responsible for other people’s well-being. This makes the rubber tree an ideal plant partner for them. With its gorgeous glossy leaves and need of regular care, Virgos will feel deep satisfaction caring for this plant.


Libra – Monstera

Libras are sophisticated and have a craving for beautiful and artsy things. They can spend hours talking about theatre and the latest art exhibitions. This makes monstera, a plant that is both trendy and incredibly beautiful, an ideal choice for Libras. It can also become a great conversation starter!

Scorpio – Dracaena

Scorpios are emotional, straightforward, and true to their nature. They will always tell what’s on their mind without thinking twice. This makes Scorpios and dracaenas incredibly alike – this plant will also reveal its needs in a straightforward way. For example, its leaves will start falling or getting yellow when there’s an overflow of water. This type of directness is perfect for Scorpios!

Sagittarius – Alocasia

Sagittariuses are crazy about travel and all adventurous things. They have a free spirit and unique personality that goes incredibly well with alocasia, an exotic plant from the Philippines. It’s rare and extraverted just like Sagittarius and requires more love than other plants. That’s exactly the type of plant Sagittarius will love to take care of.

Capricorn – Bonsai

Capricorns are crazy about rules and like to control everything. In fact, they sometimes go overboard with their desire to create order everywhere. This trait makes the traditional Bonsai tree a perfect plant companion for Capricorns. These plants require special care and attention 24/7. It turned into an actual meditative art form in Zen Buddhism!

Aquarius – Rex Begonia

Aquarius has a unique personality that doesn’t like any restrictions. The more freedom they have, the better! One day they can be shy and introverted, the other they flourish in everyone’s attention communicating with as much people as possible. For people like that, the gorgeous-looking rex begonia is a perfect partner. It looks stunning, but in a subtle and elegant way.

Pisces – Spider Plant

Pisces are caring people that like to spread their love everywhere. Being totally unselfish, they will love to have a spider plant around because it’s just like them! These plants don’t really need any extra attention – they thrive in the most unlikely dark conditions, spreading their love and good vibes all over the house.