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9 Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers


Flowers are always a good go to gift. They are a sure thing if you need to say “I love you” or “You are on my mind. ” But after a while, the appeal of always getting flowers as a gift wears off. Finding something else to gift will not only surprise the receiver, but it will also show a bit more thoughtfulness. There are many ways to make someone smile or feel loved. If you are looking for thoughtful alternative gift ideas, here are 9 gifts that are better than flowers.

Make a home cooked meal

Even if you are not the best cook, making a meal at home is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for a person. This can be a full course meal, or just a couple of baked gods. It will show that you are willing to put in time and effort to make them happy.

Give them a printed, framed photo

In the age of sending photos through mobile phones in an instant, printed photos have become even more special than ever. Print and frame a photo of you and the gift recipient if you really want to show them you love them.

Write them a poem

Some may find this a bit cheesy, but corny gifts are still cute at the end of the day. Writing a special poem for your loved one—and reading it aloud if you’re really brave—will create a special memory they will never forget.

Take them to a movie date

A movie date is so much more intimate than a bunch of flowers, and is a bit more fun too. If this is for a romantic friend, a movie is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal.

Make them a playlist

Music is such a personal thing, and truly reveals someone’s personality. Making a playlist for someone shows that you know them in and out, down to the kind of music they like.


Get tickets to their favorite activity

Whether this is pottery class or a candle making workshop, find something interesting that aligns with their current hobbies or with something they’ve always wanted to try.

Buy them a specialty card

This may seem like a cop out from an actual gift, but the art of card giving is really meaningful to many people. An especially selected card with a handwritten message with hit home right to the heart.

Find their favorite treat

Does your special someone love a really complicated Starbucks drink, or some obscure candy you can only find on the other side of town? Tracking down their most coveted treat will show them you love them and can actually remember the weird things they like.

Make a DIY gift

If you are feeling really inspired and imaginative, you can whip out your arts and crafts supplies and make your loved one a homemade gift. This can be anything from a card or a candy bouquet, or something more intricate like a painting or something knitted.