Little Girl Is Mom’s Adorable Sous Chef In The Kitchen – Her Beauty

Little Girl Is Mom’s Adorable Sous Chef In The Kitchen


During this time, we have no shortage of time to scroll through social media feeds. Instead of depressing yourself with other peoples’ home workouts that are more productive than you sitting in sweats and eating your chip flavor of choice.

So what should do do instead? Look at pictures of cute babies, of course. Take this adorable gem for instance. Meet Kinu. She’s based out of Hokkaido, Japan, and is having the most blissful quarantine ever. Ever since she was a baby, Kinu has been assisting her mom in the kitchen with picturesque coffees, breakfasts, and other culinary adventures. This is much more than we can say for other youngsters her age – someone’s definitely going to be on Masterchef Junior in a couple of years!

Here she is looking joyful next to a coffee tree. All wrapped up in a sweet headscarf, Kinu explains the coffee growing process alongside her plant. Coffee shots are this mom and daughter duo’s specialty, if you scroll through their feed.

Guess this is what happens when you drink too much coffee! Kinu looks very excited in this shot, standing tall as princess of the kitchen.

Here is ___okinu serving up a moist and tasty strawberry cake along with a super silly tongue-out face. This makes us especially hungry for dessert, and also gives us a case of baby fever.

It looks like this little cutie is serving up her usual attitude here, with a couple of bowls of soup, and some mysterious white balls floating in it that are probably delicious. A soup full of nuggets, and a mischievous nugget to serve it.

Seriously – we don’t even know how to master a cup of normal brewed coffee. Perhaps a good instant powder, since that’s hard to mess up. However, this cherub-cheeked beauty is a master of the drip coffee process, and we have a lot to learn from her.

It’s always hard to turn down brunch, especially when it consists of pancakes with fresh pears, and a steaming pot of herbal tea. Kinu is about to break into her first bite here, but we’re sure she helped make the masterpiece, given her natural talent.


Once again being the best kitchen assistant in the world, today’s lesson is in sandwich making. Yum. You can be our sous chef any day, angel!

Here, we get to see someone cooking, serving, and sampling the foods! What a hostess – Martha Stewart, meet you competition. This honey-infused treat is made even sweeter by a miniature culinary queen.

One for the family newsletter, and one for the ‘gram. She has no shortages of moods – look at that versatility! Kinu is whisking something here, once again with her hair tied back as the ultimate student of kitchen hygiene.

Chef Okinu to the rescue – she’s so good, she doesn’t’ even need to look at the task at hand! Here (in a very fashionable cooking dress, if we may add) it looks at though she is crushing nuts or beans of some sort by hand. It’s hard work being this cute!

Kinu digs into a drool-worthy loaf of bread and a breakfast of sunny-side up eggs, salad, and croissant. Of course she starts with the most buttery aspect. Instead of saving the best for last, why not start with it?

Chef Kinu is not to be played with when she’s at work – even though that look is pretty playful. This is her designated kitchen stool, and this time she’s jazzed up her outfit with. A gorgeously colorful tup under her tunic.

Only this little tot could make unboxing oranges look cute. Also, one of those oranges is basically the size of her head, which just makes the whole scenario even more endearing. Wonder what citrus-infused goodies her and mum will be making today!

Mmm, pudding. The ultimate comfort food snack. Even better when it’s served up by a scrunched smile and those chubby little cheeks. No idea what’s in this afternoon pick-me-up, but it was obviously made with love.