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11 Ways to Get Him to Go Shopping with You


Mostly when you go out shopping, you’re either on your own or with your girlfriends. You might see the stray dad or boyfriend sitting outside a waiting room, scrolling through their phone and waiting for the ordeal to be over. However, no matter how little you two have in common when it comes to shopping, there are certain ways to create shopping harmony between you and your man.

1. Take him to stores that have a male section

He won’t know what to do with himself in an all women’s clothing store, and will probably end up like one of those bummed out boyfriends or husbands sitting outside and counting down the minutes. If there’s a mens area to shop, the two of you can give each other some space, and he’ll stop complaining.

2. Stick to stores he doesn’t mind

Don’t take him to any shops that you know he hates for a fact. It might be a perfume store where the smell overwhelms him, or maybe he doesn’t like Hollister because of the chiseled, shirtless male models that make him rethink his self esteem. Either way, be considerate.

3. Make it competitive

It’s no secret: guys love a challenge. Make some cute bets with your man when you take him shopping. It can be five bucks that he won’t pick out an outfit better than the one you picked. He might even enlist the help of shop-girls and customers, making the shopping decisions even easier on your end!

4. Give him a list of items

There’s no rule that says he needs to sit around and wait for you to pick out the ultimate dress for brunch with the gals. You can always give ask him to look for specific items you’re looking for, basics that you need, or if you’re in a mall, other shopping errands that you need to get done. He does the chores, you get to shop!

5. Avoid over-crowded areas

Especially around the holidays, going to stores can be extremely stressful, and most men already feel claustrophobic in a shopping context. Try to choose stores that are a little less hectic to shop at. If you have a day off on a weekday, it’ll be significantly less crowded than the weekend. Otherwise, consider going a bit earlier in the morning to be beat the rush.

6. Feed him beforehand


There’s nothing worse than a hangry dude. This might seem obvious, but while you’re on your second caramel macchiato and skipping through Forever 21, your guy is just thinking about the next time he can devour a burrito. Make sure wherever you shop has a food court, or consider a pre-game meal with one of his favorite meats to keep that energy going.

7. Don’t pick stores that are awkward for him to be at

No guy wants to be uncomfortably standing around tables of unmentionables while his girlfriend picks out the perfect thong. Hypothetically, helping your girl pick out undies should be a sensual experience, when there’s loads of other women and salespeople around you, it can make a man feel pretty self-conscious and feel like he wants to get out of their ASAP. Save the intimates shopping for another time.

8. Shop for him

Guys hate shopping, you love shopping…it’s a win win! If bae needs some new threads in his closet, you can offer to pick out his clothes, or if he prefers to pick them out, go somewhere like H&M that offers male and female areas.

9. Let him pick your clothes

Alternatively, you can let him pick your clothes out! Make it a game and pick each others close out if you’d like. Next date night, you’ll both be looking extremely dapper, and you can credit it to that nice shopping date the two of you had recently.

10. Preparation is key

It’s hilarious how prepping a boyfriend or husband for shopping is quite similar for when you take a child out. Preparation is key when it comes to activities and snacks. Be sure to have a magazine he likes on hand, and that his phone is fully charged so that he can play games and browse Instagram feeds. Keep snacks and energy drinks on hand to avoid potential breakdowns.

11. Get organized

When taking someone shopping, communication is important, but so is organization. Make a shopping list so you’re not wandering for hours. For you, it’s like a kid in a candy shop, but for him ,it feels like a prison sentence.