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6 Signs The New Guy You Like Is Too Good To Be True


So you’ve met someone new, and all you can see are hearts everytime you are around him. Your interaction with him seems like something straight out of a fairytale. But something in the back of your mind is telling you that your new perfect guy could be a little too perfect. But can there be such a thing as too perfect? Before you get wrapped up in your new love affair, here are some signs that the new guy you like is too good to be true. 

He’s sugary sweet. 

Everyone loves a compliment. But if your guy is coming on super strong with the smooth, sweet talk, he may not be genuinely complimenting you. He could be trying to win your heart for the wrong reasons. 

Things are progressing way too fast. 

If he seems like he is ready to commit before you even know his middle name, this is a sign that there may be an underlying problem under the surface. He could merely be moving too fast and not know you well enough to make a major commitment – or he could have a controlling side that you don’t know about. 

He has no flaws, that you know of.

Anyone who is so perfect that they seem to do or say no wrong, is likely too good to be true. We all have flaws and weaknesses – its the reality of life and human nature. So if he doesn’t appear to have any flaws, this likely means he is hiding them, and that is never a good sign. You may not even be getting to know the real person behind the perfectly crafted exterior. 


He keeps his phone in his hand at all times. 

A guy who can never leave his phone unattended has got something to hide. If he is super weird about his phone – such as always having to take it with him even when he leaves a room for a moment – this guy is probably playing the field and doesn’t want you to know when other girls call or text him. 

He is super arrogant.

There is nothing wrong with a guy being confident. It is actually pretty attractive when someone is confident in who they are and what they bring to the table. But if his confidence borderlines arrogance before you’ve even gotten really serious in the relationship, you could be in for a rude awakening down the line. He will likely become more arrogant and self-centered as he grows more comfortable with you, which could leave little room for consideration of your feelings and needs. 

He never calls you by your name. 

Terms of endearment are adorable once you’ve gotten to know your partner. But using pet names takes getting to know them and finding a specific name that fits their personality. If your guy is constantly calling you generic pet names way too soon, this is a sign he is too good to be true. He is likely calling you a generic pet name so he doesn’t mistake your name for another girl that he is dating.