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7 Ultimate Winter Date Ideas


Having someone to snuggle up to during the cold weather may be one of the best parts about winter. And with the chilly season upon us, this is the perfect time to start planning perfect winter dates with your special someone. If you’re not a huge fan of colder weather, winter dates can help you see just how magical and exciting winter can be. The depressing nature of cold, snow, ice and sleet can be transformed into a winter wonderland of opportunity for love and fun,  with the right person and the rate date idea. You can even stay in and experience the magic of a perfect winter date. If you are ready to take advantage of the chill in the air, check out these ultimate date ideas. 

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most quintessential winter dates ever. You can challenge each other to try ice skating moves, or take it easy and coast around the rink together. Finish up your date with a hot cocoa to warm back up.

Christmas Tree Decorating

What better way to soak up the traditions of the season than by decorating a tree with your significant other. There will be plenty of ways to get wrapped up in garland and string lights, and you can even get a quick kiss under the mistletoe. 

Christmas Movie Binge Night

You can now find thousands of Christmas movies to watch, whether through cable and television, or online through streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. Grab the snacks and get cozy for a night, or whole weekend of Christmas movie binging. 


Light Show

No matter what town or city you reside in, there will most likely be a Christmas light show open to the public. This is the perfect opportunity to ride or stroll through the magic of winter with your special someone. With beautiful lights surrounding you, get ready for some serious hand holding and romance. 

Drive-in Movie

If you want to experience the beauty of winter nature, but also want to stay warm (but also want to get out of the house), a drive-in movie is the perfect date for the indecisive couple. You get to cuddle up and watch a movie while staying warm, but don’t have to stay cooped up at home. 

Cookie Baking

With the traditions of Christmas almost in full swing, baking cookies for the holidays is another great date night idea for winter. You can feed each other cookies, like a scene straight out of your favorite romantic Christmas movie.

Bob sledding

If you live in an area that is cold enough to get some snow each winter, your winter date possibilities really expand. Bob sledding is one of the oldest, most classic winter weather activities, but can be a great experience for a couple as a date. It’s also pretty inexpensive, if you can find a cheap sled, or borrow one from a friend. This date is sure to bring some laughs and warmth to any chilly winter day.