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8 Gift Ideas For Your New Boyfriend


Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. You can’t just buy them some chocolates and a pretty bunch of flowers to make them happy. They’re not really impressed with stuff like that. So we have to spend a lot of time thinking of what to get our boyfriends. The task becomes nearly impossible when it’s a new boyfriend. Now you have to make sure you get him something nice and something he likes, but at the same time make sure the gift won’t scare him off so it’s got to be something light-hearted and possibly funny and yet not too expensive. Well we’ve got a few suggestions that might make your life a little easier.

1. Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a good idea for everyone and it’s a great gift going into summer. Everyone needs sun protection for their eyes, but buying a regular pair might seem boring and buying a pair of nice Ray Bans is too big of a gift. Wooden sunglasses are a happy medium, they say you put thought into it, and wanted them to be a bit more special, without breaking a bank.

2. Novelty Socks

Boys can never have too many socks, especially if they’re fun, colorful novelty socks. You can buy him a set of socks with his favourite superheroes or his favourite cartoon or movie characters. Or if he’s into art or books you can buy literary or art sets of socks. There’s literally socks for every occasion and every specific interest out there.

3. Scented Candle

Men rarely spend money on something like a scented candle but that doesn’t mean they don’t want their home to smell nice. They just don’t think of buying one. So why not get him a nice scented candle that smells like burning fire or a forest, you know, those candles that are made specifically for the boys.

4. Mini Projector

Professional projectors can cost between a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars, but a small one can be bought for around $50. It’s a cute gift that will allow you to watch movies wherever you are without having to rely on having a big screen TV. You can just project stuff from your phone to a wall. It’s a cute date idea as well.


5. Beard Kit

If you’re dating a bearded man, buying a gift is much easier. You can get him a beard comb, or a beard oil. There are so many different products made specifically for beards. You can even go all out and buy a whole beard grooming kit if you want. It’ll show him that you like his beard and him taking care of it will only make it softer and less scratchy for you.

6. Hot Sauce Cookbook

If your guy knows how to cook – you’ve hit a jackpot, but just in case he doesn’t you can encourage him to learn by getting him a cookbook. But don’t just buy any cookbook, he might find that boring. Get him a hot sauce cookbook – this will definitely spike his interest if he likes his food spicy.

7. Coffee Gadgets

If you and your man are coffee drinkers or even coffee snobs ( no judgment, we get it) You could always get him a cool new tool for making coffee. If he likes cold brews you could get him a cool cold brewing bottle, if he’s more of a french press person – get that. You could also get him a cool coffee grinder, a chemex, an aeropress or one of those V60’s for the trendy pour overs. This way, every time he makes himself a coffee he’ll be thinking of you.

8. Event Tickets

If none of these seem like something that your new boyfriends will like – get him even tickets. Memories make the best gifts, because they will stay with him forever. So if he likes sports and has a favourite team, get tickets for the next game. If the band he likes is coming to your town – get the tickets for the concert. Of you can always just get him tickets for a quick getaway to a neighboring city or country, budget airlines make it pretty cheap.