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How to Get Over a Breakup Fast


Whether you got dumped or the feeling was mutual, every girl deserves to throw a pity party after a breakup. But there are several strategies you can use to fast-track that breakup and get over your ex-partner at a speedier rate. But the one thing to remember is that a breakup doesn’t signify an end – it’s an opportunity for new beginnings and rebirth. Here are some valuable tips on how to heal your broken heart a little quicker.

1. Exercise!

Workout out boosts your endorphins and gives you a rocking bod in the process. No, but seriously. Workouts have serious mood-boosting properties, and a sense of routine is healthy for mild to moderate depression. Sweat out that anger and set fitness goals for yourself. When you accomplish them, you’ll feel stronger and more empowered than ever.

2. Take a bath

Take a bath with your favorite essential oil. Someone wise once said that showers are not for the recently jilted, and we have to agree with that. Sometimes, you just need a bath – the ideal blend between pampering yourself and wallowing in your tears.

3. Lean on your girls.

Support is everything when you’re newly single. It can help with low self-esteem when you’re not feeling yourself or wondering why you weren’t good enough. Friends won’t let you play the blame game and will shower you in the compliments that you deserve, reminding you that there are way hotter, better, and smarter fish in the sea.

4. Develop a new hobby

It will force you to focus on yourself rather than the “us” that you’ve been trapped in for so long. Perhaps doing one hobby will reignite some other passions that you forgot about. It’s the best way to ignite your creativity and sense of self while distracting you through a tough process.

5. Work your way through a cookbook.

Cooking is an incredibly healing process for the body and soul – you’re literally nourishing yourself back to health. Doing a recipe a day will help you pass the time, and by the time you’re on that last page of the book, you’ll be in a much better place, mentally and emotionally.

6. Go on a social media blackout.

Rather than just blocking your ex’s accounts, do a complete unplugging. It’s easy to get bogged down with expectations of what your life should look like. It can be especially tricky when your feed is composed of supposedly flawless couples making out and buying each other gifts. Instead, go on a girls’ trip or a solo road trip to clear your mind.

7. Modify your diet

Modify your diet to include mood-boosting foods like turkey, lentils, bananas, oats, or oily fish. By all means, indulge in the occasional chocolate bar or triple scoop of ice cream. Still, these healthier options will put you in a naturally improved mood, no matter the circumstance.


8. Write some hate mail to your ex, but don’t mail it.

After you get out all those toxic sentiments, do a burning ceremony. As the letter burns, release yourself of all the negative energy and baggage that came with the relationship, helping you move on just a little bit faster.

9. Go on a vacation.

There’s nothing like a change of scenery to encourage rebirth and transformation. It’s easy to mope around when you’re surrounded by you and bae’s favorite restaurant, that movie theatre you always used to go to, or that place where you first said I Love You. A new setting can stop that painful triggering of memories, and travel has always been a therapeutic way to heal. Preferably to a tropical island.

10. Engage in mindful and peaceful activities

When you’re alone, engage in mindful and peaceful activities to prevent your mind from going to a dark place. Some practical activities that have a positive effect on mental health included gardening and art of all kinds. Who knows? Maybe your new passion will lead you to meet the future love of your life as a painting class.

11. Add self-care activities

Every day, finish a small but achievable task and check it off your list. Whether that’s cleaning the house or answering an email, a sense of organization increases levels of dopamine. It’s crucial to add self-care activities like yoga, reading, or journaling, which can provide balance.

12. Volunteer or engage in work that has a social impact.

Sometimes, helping others and enacting acts of kindness and generosity can be quite healing to ourselves. Consider checking out a local homeless or animal shelter, or even volunteering at your neighborhood Boys and Girls club.

13. Do not engage in any post-breakup intimacy with your ex

A final piece of advice: do not engage in any post-breakup intimacy with your ex – this will only confuse your feelings further and stop you from reclaiming yourself and setting important boundaries. It can keep you attached in unhealthy relationships, and prevent you from reflecting or gaining any perspective.

14. Embrace being single

It doesn’t necessarily mean getting back into the dating pool immediately. Go dancing, either solo or with friends, and dress up in that one dress that makes you feel amazing. Flirt with that barista at the coffee shop. Let yourself be appreciated for the goddess you are.