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10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends


The worst parts of winter are dry skin and below freezing temps, but the best part is the icy fashion that comes with the cold weather, most importantly, the fashionable outerwear. Here are the best winter coat trends to carry through 2020.

1. The XXL trench coat

The androgynous look can come with defined shoulders, a double breasted style, and is being done in various styles, our favorite being herringbone. This long trench style is perfect with a slinky LBD, or a tailored pantsuit.

The XXL trench coat | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

2. Belted coats

You can belt a range of coats, from puffers to floor dusters. It’s a perfect way to stay cozy in a head to toe look while adding some feminine definition to your waistline. It’s also a great way to add a statement accessory to your look. Try it in a creamy off white or military green.

Belted coats | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

3. The cape

Maybe not the warmest option on our list, but definitely the most chic. This is somewhat between a coat, a poncho, and a shawl, but adds irresistible elegance to an outfit. This year, it’s all about wool and cashmere in neutral tones.

4. The teddy coat

This is such a comfortable option that still looks good. It features a piled fleece material, defined front lapel, buttons, and a slightly furry texture that mimics a teddy bear and makes every look more dynamic (and most importantly, warm.)

 The teddy coat | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

5. Faux shearling

This is like the cool older cousin of the teddy coat. Many people aren’t ethically on board with real shearling, so this faux, but equally snuggly alternative is showing up in all versions, from duffle fastenings to cropped renditions.


Faux shearling | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

6. Color blocked coat

This look can be done in any fabric, but its vibrant appearance is what really makes it stand out – brands like UK-based Boden opt for unique shades of blue-teal and green, whereas other brands opt for bolder colors. Borrowed from the mod era, this look is for the fashion-forward who are ready to brighten up winter.

Color blocked coat | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

7. Chocolate faux fur

This is officially the year of faux animal products, and the vegan alternatives will keep you just as warm. Last year was all about bright furs and pastels, but this year, the style world has decided that understated is the way to go. Chocolate brown and faux fur is a luxurious combination that looks just as expensive as the real deal.

Chocolate faux fur | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

8. Vinyl/patent trench coat

This look is straight out of the Matrix combined with some Kylie vibes. It’s definitely an off-duty supermodel look that isn’t for the faint of heart, but would look amazing with some patent leather shoes. If the climate is too cold for vinyl, opt for patent leather which has the same shiny look.

Vinyl/patent trench coat | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

9. Boucle

Some find that the faux fur look is a little too rock n’ roll – they want something more professional and understated. Boucle is the solution to that problem, with a slightly curly but mostly flat look. Jazz up a pleated skirt and turtleneck look with boucle for a work and brunch appropriate outfit.

Boucle | 10 Coolest Winter Coat Trends | Her Beauty

10. Cropped puffer

Your rear end might feel a bit of a chill, but this warm ‘90s inspired look is bringing Baby Phat vibes back, and we’re all about it . If you’re scared of a puffer swallowing your silhouette, this cropped version is great to pair with leggings, jeans, or a maxi dress.