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10 Benefits For Your Brain When You Exercise


Many of us work out to tone a trouble area, grow a Kim K booty, or counteract that Rocky Road ice cream we devoured over the weekend. But we don’t think too often about the mental benefits of working out, though there are many. Here are the best ways that exercising makes your brain function optimally.
1. Workout out increases memory. The hippocampus responds well to aerobic exercise, and studies show that all age groups benefit significantly from consistent aerobic exercise. Memory is developed better when you invest in regular workouts, but too many high intensity ones can actually cause stress so don’t overdo it.

2. It’s wonderful for your mental health. Skip the medication and self help books and go for a job instead. Working out regularly provides more patience, happiness and overall levels of confidence.


3. It boosts creativity, and sometimes we all need that artistic zing, right? Imaginative brain activity is at its peak during workouts – after all, many a famous poet came up with their masterpieces after long walks. Go on an exhilarating hike and maybe you’ll come up with the next genius work of literature!

4. Overall improves intelligence, especially when you commit to over half an hour of it for 3-4 days a week. Consistency is key for this, and so is clearing your mind of all stress or distractions beforehand.

5. It improves focus, so get in a workout before you head to the office. Exercise is both stress-relieving and calm facilitating. Way better than meditation. This then allows you to overall relax while concentrating better – all with a boosted metabolism.

6. It improves connive longevity and fights decline. Physical exercise apparently stimulates new neurons which effective supercharges your brain, promoting clarity and lowering the likelihood of dementia later on in life.


7. It improves your mental agility and makes you a faster thinker. Maybe this expresses itself in intelligent responses, or in a more efficient work day. Continued fitness lifestyles make your cognitive functioning even more impressive.


8. Regular exercise also helps improve sleep patterns and quality, which is a dream come true for many insomniacs or those who often toss and turn during the night.

9. It makes us overall happier. While we’re dealing with the inevitable stresses, losses, and pains of life, slipping in a simple 45 minute workout can put a smile on your face and elevate your mood in a way that no junk food binge or Netflix marathon truly can.


10. Make sure to include aerobic training in your weekly workouts, as workouts that boost your heart rate and get sweat going boost hippocampus size, whereas residence, muscle toning, and balance based workouts did not have the same effects.