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10 Simple Ways to Give Thin Hair More Volume


Thin hair becomes flatter with time – it’s frustrating, a trim might be a quick fix, but creating body has its own set of longer term tips and tricks. Here are some of our favorite.



1. Keep hair length above the collarbone. The longer thin hair gets, the flatter it becomes, so a long bob or something more daring like a pixie cut are great solutions.



2. If you’re too scared to chop off more than a few inches, a multi-layered ‘do might be the fix you’re looking for, and it works with lots of hair and face types.

3. Apply highlights, which can have the uncanny ability to give the illusion of more volumes – balayage especially. Working in different shades adds dimension, and placement is everything.




4. Don’t use creamy shampoos which can encourage oiliness. Instead, use a nourishing shampoo which adds or builds volume.

5. Air dry your hair or partially dry it with a diffuser, because the high heat of a blow dryer can make hair more brittle. Washing hair at night and rolling around with wet hair can help this naturally tousled look.



6. If you do have to blow dry, do it upside down. This means bending over at the waist and blow drying hair, which adds volume. Afterwards, blast it with the cool air setting to create more fullness.

7. Switch up your part – if you normally wear it on the right, switch to the left. Your hair naturally flattens when you part it own the same way for a long time, but switching it can immediately lift hair and create the illusion of volume.

8. Eat green, iron rich foods like tofu, spinach, beans and kale, as they also contain zinc and biotin which create healthy hair growth. When you cook, try to use coconut or olive oil.



9. When getting out of the shower, don’t vigorously rub your hair dry with your body towel. Instead, blot gently with a microfiber towel or old t-shirt.

10. Invest in a good dry shampoo. If you’re a fine haired gal who dreads hair wash day and is in need of volume, this is the ultimate product to invest in. Easy bedhead, fast cleanliness, and boosted volume.