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11 Beauty Trends for 2019


Several great beauty products came out of 2018, and 2019 is already seeing some of the most innovative beauty trends we’ve ever seen. From hemp oil-infused lip balm and jelly-based makeup to activated charcoal and olive oil, there is a new beauty or personal care product on the scene for everyone. Check out these 11 beauty and personal trends that are sure to make waves in 2019.



Activated charcoal
While this personal care tool really ramped up in 2018, the charcoal trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Charcoal can now be found in all sorts of personal health and beauty products, from skin scrubs and toothpaste to facial masks and bubble baths.



Olive Oil
Used for centuries as the ultimate beauty secret, olive oil has make its way back to popularity as a topical aid for smooth shaving, nail care, facial cleansing and even safer makeup removal.


Powder nails
A new trend entering the scene is powder dipped nails. This method is said to be more pain-free than other nail types, and last a lot longer. You can visit a nail salon or order an at-home kit to try out this new technique.



Bold Lip Colors
Say goodbye to nude lippies and say hello to bold lip colors this year. Test out a statement red or a bold berry to bring the new year in with a vibrant splash of color.


CBD-Infused Makeup
Who would’ve thought “kush” mascara and hemp oil lip balm would ever make a list for new beauty trends? One of the most popular trends that is continuing into 2019 is CBD-infused makeup products, which are said to be super hydrating and high in nutrients that protect the skin from various types of damage.




Almond Shaped Nails
Square or round nails are taking a backseat to a new trend in nail style: almond-shaped nails. Next time you visit your local nail shop, give these a try.


Baby Bangs
If you’re looking for a new look to bring you into 2019, baby bangs are sure to make a bold statement while staying on trend.



Jelly Makeup
One of the biggest trends in beauty for 2019 is jelly makeup, and it’s got top influencers rethinking the definition of texture, finish, and fun in beauty products. Jelly-based makeup products are said to be more lightweight with a faster dry than its older counter parts.


Vegan Collagen
A plant-based, cruelty-free approach is being adopted across various industries and products, and beauty is no exception. In late 2018, an animal-free technique of creating collagen was developed, and its use and popularity in vegan beauty brands is expected to soar in 2019.



Vegetable-Infused Products
Another plant-based beauty trend gaining in 2019 is vegetable-infused beauty products, like kale detox facewash, avocado-infused shower gel, and organic artichoke firming body mousse.


Microneedling Patches
As technology advances, microneedling has become easier and safer to perform at home with easy-to-use patches. While the patches are still being improved for effectiveness, this method of microneedling can work wonders in skin cell stimulation and fresh creation of collagen.