15 Hailey Bieber Beauty Looks That Are Serious Inspo



Hailey Bieber, previously known as Hailey Baldwin is not a stranger to fame. After all, she was born into an already famous superstar family, her modelling career took off pretty early and her relationship and marriage with Justin Bieber only pushed her further into the spotlight. She practically grew up on the red carpet and definitely knows the importance of signature looks. But interestingly enough Hailey Bieber doesn’t really have a signature look, she has experimented a lot and tried a bunch of things throughout the years and we think she pulled them all off beautifully. Speaking of beauty, she’s shared her beauty routine in multiple interviews but it looks like soon she’ll be launching her own beauty line called Bieber Beauty, otherwise, why would she file for a trademark?



1. This bold red lip and warm eyeshadow look she wore back when her modelling career was just starting to take off. What an amazing combination.


2.The effortlessly cool platinum blonde bob and matte red lip – what a badass beauty look. And with that leather jacket and all black outfit, she looked so cool.


3. Bronze smoky eyes, sun-kissed skin and a chic French braid is really all you need to impress people at a fancy event – if you’re Hailey Bieber of course.



4. This black eyeshadow look was so simple yet made such an impact. Loving the cat-eye effect even though it’s a full lid look.


5. Remember Hailey as a brunette? She might’ve decided to go back to blonde, but this Met Gala look was so memorable and so elegant we couldn’t help but mention it.

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