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17 Marble Nail Art Ideas You Should Try



Marble nails are one of the classiest nail designs you can get. It’s something that will set you apart, but won’t look overdone or childish. It’ll go nicely with a casual outfit and compliment a date night dress perfectly. It’s basically a nail design that works for any occasion and it’s extremely customizable. You might think there’s only a few ways to do marble nails, and so did I. But there’s a million and one way to do marble nails and all of them are so beautiful. Here are 17 marble nail art ideas for you to look through and get inspired this spring.



1. Black and White
This is the most common combo. The black and white marble nails look fancy, expensive and very freaking cool.


2. Gold Marble
Marble nails with gold details are definitely a good choice for a fancy event or a special occasion. I’m thinking weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, etc.


3. Matte Marble
This is quite a rare find, but I think marble nail art with a matte finish looks very nice yet understated and chill.



4. Pinkish Nude
If you want to give marble nails a try but tend to stick to nude nails you should definitely try this variation. Pink marble looks very natural and very beautiful.


5. White And Gold
Gold streaks in otherwise white marble nails look very dainty and add a bit of festivity to the overall look.


6. White And Silver
If you’re not a fan of gold, I’m happy to say that silver also looks awesome on white marble nails. A great choice for those who prefers silver jewelry too.


7. Blue Marble
You can even do some blue details in your marble nails and add some accents if you want. This particular design looks very summery to me.


8. Black Marble
I definitely tend to go for black nail polish whenever I can’t decide on a design. Having seen these black marble nails I think this will become my new favorite.



9. Neutral With Accents
These marble designs aren’t just very beautiful and detailed, but the colors in them are also neutral enough to go with outfits of any color.



10. Purple And White
Purple can be quite a loud color but in this marble variation it looks very soft and perfect for spring, don’t you think?


11. Green Marble
Possibly the prettiest marble nail design I’ve found to date. The marble effect looks so ephemeral and otherworldly on green nails.


12. Classic White
There’s a reason why white nails are considered a classic for summer and I think white marble should become a true classic too.


13. Pink And Rose Gold
A lovely pink and rose gold combination that will look lovely both at a spring picnic and at a fancy wedding.


14. Grey Marble
If you want a nail design that will go with everything but also look badass at the same time – grey marble is the way to go.


15. Earthy Tones
The length of these nails is very impressive, I agree, but so is the intricate marble design. I don’t think this can be recreated at home but it’s definitely one of those pictures you want to show your nail artist.



16. Blue and Gold
Is it just me or does this blue and gold marble combo make you think of fairy tales and elves? It’s just so elegant and dainty you can’t help but feel like an elf princess.


17. Clear Base Marble
You can probably do this with other colors but I thought I’d showcase the classic black and white options. The marble effect just looks extra awesome on a clear base.