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17 Wintery Makeup Looks To Get You Inspired


We know Christmas is over, but the winter is far from being done and we still have at least 2 months of this cold darkness ahead, so why not brighten up our days with some fun winter makeup? And what’s a better place to get inspired by cool eyeshadow looks if not Instagram. That’s where all the real beauty bloggers live. These whimsical and cute looks are perfect for some special occasions, themed parties and you know what, we dare to say they’re absolutely appropriate for any winter day when you need a bit of cheering up. For even more looks follow Annalie on Instagram.



1. Baubles
Let’s start with the obvious. Christmas ornaments. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we’ve hidden our Christmas trees yet, am I right? Or am I the only one who keeps them up until pretty much Spring? And even if you’ve hidden yours you can still use them in makeup, because why not?



2. Reindeer
This might not be Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, but hey, add the red nose if you feel like it. Still looks pretty wintery to us.



3. Snowman
Frosty the Snowman on your lid and snowflakes all around? What’s not to like? Especially love the frosty blue eyebrows.

4. Arctic Fox
This is legit the cutest arctic fox I’ve ever seen and I can’t imagine this was an easy thing to paint on one’s eyelid, but damn, it’s worth it.



5. Red Robin
Did your mum also tell you that these birds spy on your for Santa? Cause that seems like a common thing in my friendship circles too.



6. Fairy Lights
Everything’s better with fairy lights on it, ok? Including makeup looks. And this bright pink one is no exception.

7. Penguin
Another lovely wintery animal – penguin. But this is a special penguin, it’s the one from Happy Feet. Another movie you should definitely watch this winter.



8. Baby Grinch
A very interesting Grinch interpretation. No one ever talks about baby Grinch, but look how freaking cute he can be.




9. Wrapped Up
Winter is the time to get all wrapped up, whichever way you take it. So here’s an interesting way to interpret it with eyeshadow.

10. Max the Dog
Do you remember this line from How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss? “So he took his dog Max, and took some red thread, and he tied a big horn on top of his head”.



11. Polar Bear
What’s more wintery than polar bears? Only polar bears in a Coca-Cola commercial.



12. Sven
Sven the Reindeer from Frozen is my favorite reindeer. Way more fun than Rudolph, don’t you think?

13. Gingerbread and Candy Canes
It’s difficult to think of a better winter combo then candy canes and Gingerbread cookies. And don’t limit yourself to just eating them, get inspired and use them for makeup ideas.



14. Zero
Remember this dog from Nightmare before Christmas? I bet you didn’t until this moment. Go rewatch this cult classic.



15. Santa Buddies
Does anyone else remember this 2009 Christmas movie? Perhaps this winter is the time to rewatch it. I mean it’s about puppies, so it’s bound to brighten up your day.

16. Toothless Dragon
If you haven’t watched this movie, please do. It’s the best thing to do on a cold winter evening. And then attempt this makeup look if you’re feeling up for it.



17. Casper
Don’t know if you’d consider Casper a winter-themed movie, but this makeup look sure made it look appropriate for winter.