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24 Outstanding Arms Mehendi Designs To Try


Mehendi designs have been a part of Muslim culture for centuries and, in fact, Mehendi is probably the oldest form of body art. It is generally known as a pre wedding ritual to get Mehendi designs on one’s hands and feet. It’s supposed to represent fertility, show the bond between families and it’s also considered to be a symbol of good luck. But these days you can get Mehendi designs on your hands without having to attend a wedding ceremony. People just do it for fun and because it’s a beautiful and non-permanent form of body art. So if you’re looking for inspiration we’ve got you covered.



1. As you can see Mehendi designs can be incredibly intricate. You can get portraits drawn on your hands and arms or various paisley designs.



2. They can look incredibly chic and incorporate different shades of henna and various drawing techniques and even styles.


3. Some people choose to go for abstract shapes, others want to have a theme to is. As you see on the right they’ve incorporated a heart into it.



4. Lately floral designs have become really popular in Mehendi tattoos, but classic designs and portraiture will always remain relevant.


5. On the left here you can see a great example of incorporating different shades of henna to make the design stand out more. On the left, everything is done in the same color, but with incredible precision.



6. A beautiful traditional design on the left incorporated faces of a man and a woman, while the design on the right is just fun and colorful sunflowers.



7. You can even use Mehendi to tell a story of how you met your partner, or a significant moment in your life. Look how many life scenes are showcased here.



8. It doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship either. As you can see here Mehendi features a moment between a mother and a daughter.


9. What we love the most in Mehendi designs is the amount of effort and work put into these beautiful henna tattoos that will wash off with time.



10. It really takes time and dedication to first think of how you’re going to design it and then draw it out with henna. Look at this Mehendi on the right. It’s insane how intricate this is.


11. Usually people get Mehendi on their hands and forearms, but it’s not unheard of to have it go all the way above your elbow too.



12. After all it’s a form of art, and that’s the beauty of it – it knows no limits.