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5 Types Of Animal Massage That Will Blow You Away


Undoubtedly, massage therapy is one of the most pleasant things in the world. It can be done with hands, legs, other body parts, warm stones, and all kind of objects depending on the type of massage. But what about a massage done by kitty paws? We believe it sounds quite fantastic! Animal massage is something not many people are willing to try (snake massage, anyone?) but once they do, it becomes the only type of massage for them! Here are 5 types of animal massage that will blow you away.

Snake Massage

A snake massage sounds a bit wild because it is very much so! The process is pretty simple though – all you need to do is lie down motionless under some 500 pounds of moving snake and enjoy it as much as possible. While this may sound slightly terrifying, the snake doing all the work is a python, which means you won’t be bitten as they are poison-less. They do have a tendency to strangle their prey and then swallow it whole, so make sure you don’t make jerky movements or loud sounds. Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the few places that offer this kind of massage.

Snail Face Massage

Getting snails crawling all over your face is yet another way to fight off ageing and make your wrinkles go away (or at least less visible). Snail facials first appeared in Tokyo and you can still get a few gastropods slime their way around your face for $200, but another option is to head to Chiang Mai in Thailand and do the same for a more pleasant price of $30. The owner of the salon is a French guy, who took some 100 specimens with him to Thailand, growing a farm of 30,000 creatures that eat only organic food and produce only organic slime. The science behind the whole process is a bit vague, but all beauticians agree that snail’s mucus has amazing moisturizing properties and more antioxidants than most beauty products.

Back Massage By Cats


Most weird and wonderful things come from Japan, and so does the cat back massage! A rather unusual massage parlour offers its customers the services of an actual cat masseur. If you’ve ever owned a cat you know they are great at ‘kneading’ things before lying down, be it a pillow, a blanket, or a human lap. That’s why inventive Japanese decided to incorporate these cat skills and add them to the service of usual human massage. We’d certainly give it a try!

Bee Massage Therapy

If being bitten by a bee can be considered a massage, then certainly this is the most painful type of ‘massage’ out there! Some people experience up to 80 stings per day to get the incredible benefits of bee venom that is said to ease spasms, back pain, headache, and help with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis. Bee venom also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but be warned – people allergic to bee venom put themselves in grave danger by performing this kind of treatment!

Elephant Massage

From Thailand comes yet another bizarre form of massage – elephant massage! Mae Ping Elephant Camp in the north of Chiang Mai boasts a number of cool services from an elephant ride through the jungles packed with local tribes to elephants painting pictures (with brushes!) and playing musical instruments. You can also get an actual elephant massage there! What happens is that you lie down on the ground and an elephant carefully puts a foot on your back. Yes, sounds not too safe, but that’s the whole idea.