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6 Beauty Treatments to Get Your Body Summer Ready


Summer is basically here, which means it’s time “you started wearing less and going out more” to borrow a phrase from Drake. It’s the time of crop tops, short summer dresses, sandals and bikinis. A lot more of our skin is going to be on show and we urge you to rock all your summer outfits with confidence and pride. The concept of a “summer body” is passé and we’re so done with it. Just put on what makes you feel pretty and summery and you’re ready, girl! However, if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your body after a long winter – here’s 6 beauty treatments you can do to get your body summer ready.
1. Pedicure
Open toe shoes, sandals, flip flops — these are the things you’ll be wearing in the summer. Even if you’re more of a low converse girl, like I am, it’s never a bad idea to get a pedicure. You’ll definitely be seeing your toes more and having them painted fun summery colors is sure to put a nice spring in your step. Plus, getting a pedicure isn’t just about painting nails, you also get all that dead skin exfoliated off, your heels will feel like those of a baby and if you go to a nice salon you’ll get a foot rub too and who doesn’t want that? It’s the best kind of “me time”.


2. Hair Removal
If you choose to have your body hair removed you have lots of options. Shaving is the easiest but a lot of the time it grows back really quick and frequent shaving can leave your skin feeling irritated and bumpy. Waxing will hurt and you’ll be a bit red for a day but it will leave you hair free for at least 3 weeks. Laser will take a couple of sessions and can be pricey but the idea is that you get rid of hair forever. Whichever option you choose – remember that you need to use sunscreen after to protect your skin.

3. Scrub
A nice body scrub can make you feel rejuvenated and leave your skin silky smooth. It’s a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and the massaging that comes with it will improve your circulation and make your skin glow. If you’re on a budget you can definitely do it yourself in the shower or bath, just grab a yummy smelling body scrub and get to it. If you have the money – getting a body scrub at a SPA is definitely worth it. You just get to lay back and enjoy.


4. Body Wrap
Lots of people think that body wraps are all about losing inches, but really it’s much more about moisturizing your skin and improving its color and texture. And when there are options like “chocolate body wrap” that will also make your sling glow and make you smell absolutely delicious who in their right mind could resist that? Next time there’s a birthday or a holiday coming up I urge you to hint that a body wrap procedure is what you want as a gift.


5. Massage
Few things in life are as relaxing and wonderful as a full body massage. Nothing compares to having a professional knead your muscles to the point where you feel like you’re made of jelly and are floating on a cloud. It’s a great treat no matter what time of the year, but who doesn’t want to greet summer all relaxed?


6. Tan
I know what it’s like to be the palest one in your friend group. And while it’s not as noticeable in the winter, as soon as summer rolls around it becomes painfully apparent that I’m a vampire who hasn’t seen the light of day in centuries. I’m fine with that. But if you’re not a spray tan or a bit of self-tanner can really go a long way. There’s even contouring spray tans that you can get that will accentuate your body and make you look like a glowing goddess.