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7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma


There are lots of beauty tips out there, especially new ones that rely on modern inventions and new multi-use products, but today we thought we’d tell you as our some beauty tips you might’ve heard from your grandma. They really have stood the test of time and are just as relevant today as they were 50 or 100 years ago. They’re simple but effective and don’t require you to buy anything new. In fact, you probably have all the things you need already in your house. Once you read about these tips and try them out you might start questioning the need for all those new hyped up products and appliances and, who knows, you might save some money in the process.

1. Rose Petals For Lipstick

Back in the day women used berries and rose petals instead of lipstick to give some color to their lips. It’s way cheaper and works like a charm. If you have a bouquet of roses from your last date, take a couple of petals, rub them between your fingers to crush them and use as lip stain. It’ll look way more natural than lipstick and it will smell divine.

Rose Petals For Lipstick | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

2. Cucumber Slices On The Eyes

There’s a reason you still see pictures of girls with cucumber slices on their eyes on the packages of beauty products. And it’s kinda funny that now they make eye sheet masks that look like cucumber slices but they’re made of cloth. Try the original and just slice up a cucumber and put it on your eyelids. It’s refreshing, cooling, hydrating and can help with puffiness. If it worked for your grandma it will work for you too.

Cucumber Slices On The Eyes | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

3. Vaseline For Everything

Vaseline is a common ingredient in a lot of beauty products but we rarely use it for anything on its own. For some reason, we’ve been fooled into thinking that if it comes it a pretty package and it’s tinted it’s better than just good old vaseline. However, ladies back in the day used it not only as lip balm, but also to make their eyelids look nice and shiny (perfect for that wet eyeshadow look by the way), and it can even be used as under-eye cream to prevent puffiness and dark circles after a long night. Just put in under your eyes before you go to bed.


Vaseline For Everything | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

4. Sugar For Exfoliation

Scrubs are a bit trend these days, especially in the summer. Everyone wants to exfoliate and have that glowing super smooth skin. But you don’t need to buy expensive ones. Sugar works just as well, and in fact, it’s usually the main ingredient in most scrubs. Just use sugar with a bit of oil and you can add essential oil for the aroma and you’re good to go. It works for lips, it works for legs, it’s an all in one product that can be used all over your body.

Sugar For Exfoliation | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

5. Cold Water Rinse

Another great beauty tip that’s been around for generations is splashing your face with cold water. But lots of people think that the only reason to do that is to wake up in the morning. Well, it’s actually more complex than that. You can wash your face with warm water to cleanse it and get all the dirt out, open up the pores to absorb the product, but afterwards, splashing your face with ice-cold water will close your pores and keep the dirt out.

Cold Water Rinse | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

6. Rags For Heatless Curls

Curling wands are great but you can’t really use them every day if you want your hair to be healthy. Rollers are better, but they can be quite uncomfortable to sleep with. So what do we do if we want curls but don’t want to use heat? Rag curls! Just wrap strands of your hair around strips of cloth and go to bed. Next morning you’ll wake up with lovely curls that last a couple of days yet are absolutely damage-free for your hair.

Rags For Heatless Curls | 7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma | Her Beauty

7. Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is insanely convenient, but it tends to run out pretty quick and all those aerosol cans can’t be great for the environment. Well here’s an old tip you can utilize – just sprinkle some baby powder on your hair and it’ll do the same thing dry shampoo does. And if you have dark hair you can mix it up with a little cocoa so it blends in better with your roots.