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7 Things That Happen to Your Skin When You Skip the Sunscreen


Is sunscreen a part of your skincare regimen? If the answer is no, that should probably change today. Everyone’s skin doesn’t necessarily burn if they don’t utilize sunscreen. Some people can go a full day in the sun and never have to deal with the brutal reality of sunburn. But the even harsher reality of skipping sunscreen could eventually catch up with you. It may not appear so, but skipping sunscreen is a lot more detrimental than most think. Check out things that happen to your skin when you skip the sunscreen.

Tanned Skin

This one is obvious, but some people don’t realize how quickly skin can tan — and the more you tan your skin, the more you are directly impacting your skin’s health simultaneously. Skin begins to show the appearance of “tanning” when the melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of your skin begin producing a darker hue.

Leathery Feel

As stated, melanocyte cells in the epidermis layer of the skin is what gives the appearance of a tan. The lower level of the epidermis also acts as a protectant against UV ray exposure. So as you are tanning, the top layer of the epidermis begins to thicken as the lower level is pushing cells upward — like cells coming to defense like armor, in a sense. So as your skin gets darker, you are actively making your skin tougher — literally. This is why some people who tan regularly begin to have a leathery skin type, both in touch and appearance.


We all know this is pretty common for many people to experience sunburn while tanning. If you have the skin type that easily sunburns, then it is basically a guarantee that you are experiencing skin damage with every red blotch of skin. Most times sunburn is mild and will heal within a few days to a week. But if you get a really nasty case of sunburn, you could actually incur second degree burns. If this is the case, your skin can be burned below even the top layer of skin, the epidermis. You dermis level can be severely damaged, and skin can begin to blister and scab, and even appear wet. If your sunburn is this drastic, it could take several weeks to heal.

More Moles and Freckles


Although we all naturally have moles, some skin tones are more prone to developing a greater number of moles or freckles as a result of over-exposure to the sun. This happens when melanocyte cells begin to clump together. Fair-skinned people are more susceptible to mole development from soaking up the sun, which can be dangerous if those moles become abnormal.

Pre-mature Aging

One of the most obvious consequences of not protecting your skin while baking in the sun is pre-mature aging. Consistently leaving your skin under the heated microscope of the sun’s rays for an extended number of years will definitely add more years onto your skin’s appearance. Sunscreen is said to be one of the best anti-aging tools you need in your arsenal.

Wrinkles and Dark Spots

Going years without wearing sunscreen will actually change the entire texture and feel of your skin in so many ways. Significant fine lines and wrinkles can begin to develop after time. You could potentially experience dark spots or discoloration in different areas of your skin.

Potential Skin Disease

Unfortunately, after prolonged over exposure to the sun and dangerous UV rays, it is highly possible to develop skin diseases as a result. Carcinoma and melenoma are both types of skin cancer that can develop because of skin damage from sun overexposure. This is another reason why utilizing sun screen is so critical — it can truly be life saving.