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7 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Boost Your Health and Beauty


Apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) has been all the rage among beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers lately. The hype might have dwindled down a little bit over the past few months, but the hype is still there. Why, you might wonder? Well, it turns out apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy that can improve your digestion, cure acne, and make your hair look shiny and beautiful. Seems too good to be true? Here are 7 ways apple cider vinegar will boost your health and beauty.

Detox your hair

Apple cider vinegar makes for a great hair rinse and helps your locks restore their natural shine. Hair products tend to build up on your strands and scalp, creating a heavy, greasy feeling that may stay even after the use of shampoo. ACV removes product build-up, cleanses natural oils, and makes your hair soft and silky. Make a simple rinse using a few tablespoons of ACV and water, and use it before shampooing your hair. Massage it into scalp and leave for 5-10 minutes, then wash your hair as usual. You can also create a special scrub using ACV, honey, Himalayan salt, and a bit of coconut oil.

Have a rejuvenating bath

It turns out apple cider vinegar can do wonders to your skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ACV restores and soothes your skin, making it look and feel much healthier. It restores the pH balance of your skin and can even be used to cure sunburns. Add 8-10 ounces of ACV to your bathtub and stay in it for around 15 minutes. Your skin will become really smooth and silky! ACV also works as a natural exfoliator.

Treat dandruff

ACV is well-known for its anti-fungal properties and the ability to kill all kinds of germs, making it a potent remedy to treat dandruff. For a special dandruff rinse you will need quite a saturated concoction – the amount of water and ACV should be equal. It is good to use this rinse right before you shampoo your hair. Lightly massage it into your scalp, then use your shampoo and conditioner as you normally would. ACV helps restore the pH balance of your skin, protecting it from the appearance of fungi in the future.


Use it as a facial toner

Apple cider vinegar fights off fungi, viruses, and all kinds of bacteria that may have found home on your face. It’s a perfect remedy for acne that will also soothe your skin, reduce inflammation and redness. Mix equal parts of water and ACV and apply it to your face with a cotton pad. You might not see immediate changes, but it will definitely restore your skin’s health if you use it daily. It’s also good to apply this toner overnight.

Remove bad smell

If you tend to suffer from smelly feet, then an ACV foot bath will help you remove the odour, along with bacteria and fungi that cause it. Take four cups of water, add one cup of apple cider vinegar, and soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of ACV will fight off bad smell and improve the health of your feet. You can also make deodorizing wipes for your feet by soaking paper towels in apple cider vinegar overnight or simply adding half a cup of ACV to a small pack of baby wipes you can carry around with you. If you’re tired of chemical deodorants and want to let your armpits rest for a while, then use the same deodorizing wipes instead of your usual deodorant.

Create DIY nail polish remover

This concoction may seem a bit shady, but many swear it works like magic and removes nail polish just as good as the regular acetone nail polish remover. Whether this is true or not, it’s good to have a DIY nail polish remover recipe just in case you run out of the regular one. To create the ACV nail polish remover you will need the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon and around four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Put your fingers into a small tub with warm water to soften the old nail polish, then put them into a tub with your DIY nail polish remover for around 10 seconds. Use cotton pads to remove the nail polish and don’t forget to moisturise your hands after you finish. That’s it!

Whiten your teeth

If you’re a devoted coffee drinker you know that stained teeth isn’t just a myth, but a harsh reality of our everyday lives. Smoking, eating soy sauce, or even drinking tea can stain your teeth, stealing the brightness from that beautiful smile of yours. A simple mix of ACV and water will help you solve the problem – take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, mix with three teaspoons of water, and rinse your mouth thoroughly. This rinse also fights off bad breath and a number of oral infections due to ACV’s antiseptic properties. If you have a sore throat – you can use the same 1:3 proportion to create a perfect remedy for it.