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7 Weirdest Ways People Are Trying To Lose Weight



Everyone wants to become slim and fit in no time, preferably with close to no effort at all. That’s why people keep coming up with various new methods to get rid of unwanted pounds, even if that means they’ll have to go on a baby food diet or wrap their body in plastic. Here are 7 weirdest ways people are trying to lose weight.



Long breath diet
Ryosuke Miki, a businessman from Japan, invented a diet that includes lots and lots of breathing. He slimmed down considerably after doing a series of breathing exercises for his back problems, that’s why he decided to create an actual ‘diet’ for other people, too. It might be the easiest way to shed pounds you’ve ever tried!


Eating soap bricks
Some people actually believe that the gentle Aoqili soap with seaweed not only makes your skin all nice and smooth, but can also become a potent diet aid. That’s right! They claim that eating this soap will help you combat body fat. Sounds crazy, right?



Baby food diet
All parents are familiar with baby food and you might have tried it by accident or on purpose. Not the tastiest stuff in the world, right? Yet it is packed with vitamins and various nutrients, which makes baby food seemingly ideal for a diet. Experts, however, warn that this type of food doesn’t have all the nutrients needed for an adult person.



Sleep more
It’s not secret sleep is very important for a human body. Lack of sleep has an awful effect on a human body – you look bad, feel bad, and even gain weight because your body is not functioning right. This means that getting enough of sleep is essential for the health of your mind and body!



Plastic wrap
Wrapping up in cling film might not be the prettiest thing in the world, yet there are many people who claim it actually helps you lose weight. You sweat excessively, reducing the amount of water inside your body, which should lead to quick weight loss.

Twinkie diet
While it can hardly be called healthy food, one Twinkie contains only 150 calories, which makes them kind of perfect for a diet. Eat 10 Twinkies a day and you’ll consume only 1500 calories! You will definitely lose some weight while doing that because your body won’t get any of the nutrients it needs. But how about your health?



Hypnosis is a peculiar practice that can alter a person’s behaviour in a blink of an eye, without close to no effort at all. This will ensure that you adopt a healthier lifestyle without you ever realizing what happened. It might actually work because hypnosis is also being used to help with drinking and smoking problems.