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8 Reasons Sunshine is Essential for You



If you are looking to improve your quality of life, getting more sunshine can be a simple, yet effective way to achieve this. Sunlight is such an essential part of our mental and physical health, yet we overlook this so often. Overexposure to the sun is dangerous of course, but new studies are revealing just how detrimental underexposure to sunlight can be as well. From mood improvement to increased vitamin D, sunlight is scientifically proven to be good for us. And while it can be difficult to improve how we take care of ourselves, nothing is easier than stepping outside and soaking up some sunrays. Here are 8 reasons why sunshine is essential for you.



Sunlight balances your internal clock
We all have what is known as circadian rhythm, or an internal clock, that tells us when to rest and when to wake. Exposing yourself to sunlight can cue your body’s natural sense of time by signaling your brain. Essentially, melatonin controls your circadian rhythm, and sunlight can tell your brain to either start or stop producing melatonin. So sunlight essentially, tells time within your body.


Sunshine can regulate your weight
Research suggests that people who expose themselves to the sun earlier in the day are less likely to have a higher body mass index. This effects weight management because the sun helps regulate sleep, and good sleeping patterns are proven to have a huge impact on weight.



Sunlight can improve your mood

Serotonin and endorphins are both triggered by sunshine, which are said to create happier moods, less stress and decreased depression and anxiety. So the next time you feel calmer and happier when the sun is shining on your face, its actually changing the chemical harmony of your brain for the better.


Sunlight can make your bones stronger

Vitamin D is key in healthy bones, and the sun is our most readily available, effective and natural resource for this vitamin. Vitamin D helps us better absorb calcium, a key nutrient in healthy bone development and maintenance.



Sunshine can decrease blood pressure

Sunlight is said to regulate blood pressure through the release of nitric oxide into the blood stream when sun rays hit the skin. This process reportedly reduces blood pressure, and can essentially save your life by decreasing instances of heart attacks and strokes.



Sunlight keeps you warm

That tingly feeling you get when some good sunshine warms up your body is more than just mental. Warmth from the sun keeps your body and organs circulating properly, which gives you that feel-good surge while sun bathing.


Sunshine can lower risk of some types of cancer

It is a known fact that overexposure to the sun can cause cancer. But recent research is now discovering that sun exposure can actually reduce the risk of some cancers, like breast and prostate cancer. Risk of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma could also be lowered by sunlight.



Sunlight brightens your day

Along with all of the above benefits, there is just something about stepping outside into fresh sunshine that magically makes your day better and your outlook on life brighter.