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9 Celeb Beauty Trends to Copy This Summer


With summer just beginning, it’s the perfect time to refresh your look and pick up some new beauty trends. As always, the celebs are already setting different beauty trends that will surely grow in popularity as summer gets underway. From red carpet to social media, stars are trying innovative beauty looks, or revamping classic trends. So, whether you’re looking for new looks for going out, or just hanging at the beach or on vacation, here are 9 celeb beauty trends to copy this summer.

Dramatic Eyeliner

This summer, thicker, bolder lines in makeup are going to be in style. Thick, wing-tipped eyeliner are going to be everywhere this summer, as well as other dramatic geometric shapes. Also bold, colors like blue are going good to try for your eyeliner.

Bold Makeup

Overall, the bolder the makeup, the better this summer. Thicker eyeliner, along with a full, shimmery lip and full brows will converge for attention-grabbing, dramatic looks. This look is perfect for weddings, dates, or happy hour.

Natural Hairstyles

This is a welcomed summer trend, because hotter weather tends to make styled hair fall. So this summer, channel your inner chill and pick up on natural hair trends like naturally tousled hair or the just-out-of-bed look. This works great with brighter makeup, or even just a fresh, bare face.

Accessorized Hair

Hair accessories are a trend straight out of the 90’s, and celebs are picking this look up just in time for the summer. Hair clips, bobby pins, wrapped wire, and accessories like this are going to be cropping up everywhere this summer.

No Makeup” Makeup


Although this trend may sound misleading, minimal to little make up is the key to this emerging trend. Many celebs use a very small amount of lip gloss, little to no foundation, and very little eye makeup to create a more natural, fresh look. Some celebs even go completely bare-faced, which is definitely a trend that is beautiful, and even healthy for your skin.

Slicked-back Hairstyles

The wet, glamourized look from eras past is making a resurgence this summer, with sleek, slick back hairstyles. This trend can be used casually for fun, social events, or dressed up with beautiful gowns and dresses for upscale occasions as well.

Single Swipe” Eye Shadow

A trend that’s on par to be a hit this summer is single swipe eyes. Celebs are using bold colors like bright pinks and burnt orange, or creamy and glossy colors. Whatever route you take with your single swipe eye, make sure to complement the look with an opposite lip.

Bright Blonde Hair

Brilliant shades of blonde are expected to catch on this summer, for a revamped retro look. This bold, classic but reimagined color is a perfect look for beach days, vacation, and long, relaxed and fun summer.

Statement Lips

A bright, statement lip is perfect for turning heads this summer. Celebs are using setting this trend everywhere, with bold reds, bodacious blues, and oranges that pop. This can be paired with the minimal look for the rest of the face to really make your lip color stand out.