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Braiding Inspiration From A Talented Young Girl From Finland


Summer is the perfect time to learn how to braid. It’s way too hot to have your hair down, sticking to your neck and shoulders, strangling you at night and getting in your face during the day. And while ponytails and buns work absolutely fine we do think that braids are much more effective and keeping the hair out of the way. There are so many different ways you can braid your hair and so many various styles to go for that you could probably do a different one each day and still not have to repeat a style for the whole summer. Another cool thing about braids is that they don’t have to just be a one-time hairstyle, some of them can last for days and still look great, which is perfect for those of us who are too lazy to do our hair every day.

And if you’re thinking “sure, but I can’t braid” – we got you covered girl. There’s this amazingly talented braider from Finland called Suvi Huttunen that is an absolute pro and her Instagram account is dedicated to showcasing various creative braided hairstyles and techniques. And she does tutorials on YouTube too. So take a look at some of her work below and definitely follow her for more braid-spiration.

1. If you’re looking for a half updo that’s easy but will wow your friends – try this lose fishtail braids and hair bow combo. It looks complicated but really it only takes like 5 minutes. It’s a great hairstyle if you’re not used to wearing updos, cause most of your hair stays down yet out of your face.

2. This hairstyle incorporates a knotted braid and some lace braids on the sides. It’s actually very practical and will keep your hair up while looking very intricate and beautiful. You can rock this look with a casual outfit or a fancy dress.

3. Suvi got inspired by other amazing braiders and came up with this hairstyle that incorporates four different braiding techniques. Isn’t that impressive?

4. Apparently, this only takes 5 minutes to do that’s fit for beginners. You can find a tutorial for this hairstyle on Suvi’s YouTube channel and follow along for a classy updo fit for a ball or some other special event.

5. This improvised braided hairstyle by Suvi is giving us Amazonian vibes and she says she didn’t even plan it ahead, she just wanted to do some lose braids and this was the result.

6. These are differently shaped cornrows that end with space buns. What an interesting and unique combination. Do you think this is what Princess Leia would go for in the modern day?


7. Do you see these incredible flowers made out of braids? Yeah, Suvi just did this on a day when “creativity escaped her”. When I don’t feel creative I just eat junk food and watch Netflix, Suvi creates masterpieces.

8. These are called double infinity braids with space uns and if you pay attention you’ll see there’s also Dutch braids on the sides. Tell me this isn’t the most badass yet elegant hairstyle you’ve ever seen.

9. Can you guess how many different braids are incorporated in this updo? We don’t know the exact number but let’s just say it’s a lot. A perfect hairstyle for prom, don’t you think?

10. Here’s a collage of gorgeous and incredibly intricate braided hairstyles Suvi did on her pink wig. We’re absolutely mind-blowing and mesmerized by these and have no clue how she comes up with this stuff.

11. Suvi called this a simple diagonal braid upside down going into a braided DNA ponytail. To her it’s simple, but to us, it seems the most complicated thing we’ve ever seen. But she has a tutorial for this hairstyle that you can follow and learn how to do this yourself.

12. According to this young talented braider, the “messy” look is the hardest to achieve for her. It’s easier messy or it’s good, and getting both at the same time takes a lot of practice.

13. This looks complicated but Suvi says you can get this done in 10 minutes. It’s a combination of an upside down zipper braid and a huge bun. Looks fit for royals don’t you think?