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Did Jennifer Lopez Use Botox Injections to Stay Young?


J.Lo has managed to stay in the spotlight throughout her entire career — aging hasn’t slowed this queen down one bit. I mean, have you seen “Hustlers?” At 51 years old today, looks exactly the same as she did in the 80s, and it has people wondering — has this star gotten any nips or tucks over the course of her career? An Instagram post is what’s started this whole rumor mill, and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Seriously — just look back to the two decade old Grammy appearance in “that” infamous Versace dress and now look at her two decades later in the same exact dress, looking just as perfect. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 

Jennifer Lopez has denied any plastic surgery rumors that arise, but so have a lot of Hollywood members who don’t feel comfortable speaking out about the work they’ve had done. The changes don’t seem too dramatic, but we do have to ask: has this flawless mother of twins used botox injections or. gone under the knife to stay young forever?

Botox is a form of injections for cosmetic appearances, filled with the Botulinum toxin. That toxin relaxes your facial muscles and smoothes lines and wrinkles.

Doctors and dermatologists have mixed opinions on this, but they all agree on one thing: she has an extremely expensive regimen of light therapy, needles, lasers, and microdermabrasion. Skin professionals say that the only way to get such a smooth, tight and shiny forehead (outside of plastic surgery and botox) is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on alternative treatments. 

She’s kindly asked the critics to not call her a liar when she tells her methods of looking young, which according to her, don’t include cosmetic enhancement procedures. Interestingly enough, the star said “one of my big beauty secrets is that I try to be kind to others and lift up other women.” We’ve heard a lot of diva reports about her in the industry, so this is an unexpected tidbit of info.

She came under scrutiny after launching her skincare line JLO Beauty recently (its star ingredient is olive oil), and claiming that her skin results come from this line. When she did so, she came under fire from a social media commenter, who said that Lopez “definitely” had Botox, and “tons of it.” Jennifer shut it down and put the commenter in their place, but the truth is still a mystery.


She said it felt like it “took 10 years off my face” but other commenters were quick to jump in and add their two cents as well, with statements like: “your forehead is behind your ears…that’s a facelift, not a cream” and “the brows and forehead doesn’t move at all when you try to talk or express.” It’s true that sometimes this singer’s face does have a bit of a frozen quality, even though she responded “LOL that’s just my face!”

Still, Lopez said that when she was in her early 20s, she went to a dermatologist with an ex-boyfriend, and the doctor ended up suggesting Botox. According to Lopez, she politely declined, and said she wonders what she would’ve looked like if she made a different decision, sure that she’d have a “totally different face today.”

She has spoken in magazines about her skincare routine, so while most of us probably won’t end up looking like Jenny from the Block, we can at least emulate her process to improve and enhance our own complexion. She uses a cleanser, mild makeup remover, and moisturizer with sunscreen. That SPF really does do wonders! It’s what J.Lo’s most renowned beauty secret is. Sun is insanely damaging — always be sure to protect yourself.

Her moisturizers (yes, multiple) are medical grade and prevent dryness and irritation caused by pollution and other factors. However, in addition to that, it’s widely thought that microdermabrasion, fillers, and yes, even Botox could be part of this beauty queen’s process.

Her bangin’ body, on the other hand, is thanks to Tracy Anderson’s help, gruelling hard work, and probably some body sculpting procedures. Tracy Anderson has said that Jennifer works out an hour daily and never skips more than a day or two. That’s more than what we can say for our daily workouts in quarantine, or lack of. 

Whatever she’s doing, it’s working, and she’s just under the spotlight because others are jealous they can’t figure out her secret. Botox or not, she’s still killing the game and looking better than most twenty-somethings out here.