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Hairdresser Urges Clients To Embrace Their Gray Hair


What’s your opinion of gray hairs? Do you have any? And if you do, are you bothered by them? A lot of women, in general, have 3 approaches to this “problem”. If there are only a few gray hairs lots of women will just pluck them or change their parting to hide them and let them be, and if there’s a lot of them – most will dye their hair every three weeks to hide them. But why are we so against gray hair? Why do we choose to hide it and spend so much money to make it look like we don’t have it? Are we really that insecure about gray hair or is this all part of the beauty industry pressure that creates a problem and then profits off of our insecurities? Jack Martin, a hairdresser based in California, came face to face with this problem and found a brilliant solution. When a lady with gray roots came into his salon and said she’s tired of dying her hair every 3 weeks and wants a more manageable option he offered to color her hair gray and embrace the change. The result is absolutely stunning and once he posted it online Jack has been getting more clients asking for the same solution. But what’s unique is that Jack doesn’t just give everyone the same silver hairdo. He makes sure to match every client with the right kind of gray to match their roots.

1. The process of getting personalized gray hair takes a while, but the results are clearly worth it. Jack often asks his clients to come in with a couple of inches of root growth, so that he can properly analyze the color and undertones in order to get it right.

2. The procedure takes about 10 hours so you kind of have to take a day for yourself and spend it in the salon getting the gray hair of your dreams. In some cases, it can be split over a couple of visits

3. Sometimes the hair is already too damaged to bleach it and go gray, so Jack does what he can to make it healthier and gives the client a timeframe of how long it’ll take to get to their dream color.

4. In order to achieve the most natural yet fabulous gray hair Jack analyzes how much gray hair the person has, is it focused in a specific part or is it all over the head The goal is to follow a natural pattern so that the clients don’t have to do a lot of upkeep.

5. First Jack strips the pigment that most people have injected into their hair through years of box dye, then bleaches the hair to remove the pigment completely and then mixes up a perfect color for each client.


6. Sometimes people have silver hair all over but with a few dark sections remaining, there’s no point in coloring it all one shade then. Very few people actually have a full head of silver hair, so doing silver highlights and lowlights instead looks way more natural.

7. Some people will have dark roots in the back, but gray hair in the front, so it makes sense to keep the roots darker and color the ends gray for a nice liver balayage look that will look good even when the hair grows out.

8. It’s always good to see when people get a new hair makeover, but when you realise this one doesn’t require monthly upkeep it’s even more impressive. His clients can just forget about it for months and have more time for themselves.

9. This works for all hair types and colors. As you can see it looks absolutely phenomenal of curly hair, adding even more definition and shine to the curls.

10. And if you think this is detrimental to his business you’re wrong, while these clients don’t come in for touch-ups every 3 weeks, they do come in for upkeep once every 6 months or so, that way it feels like a treat, rather than a chore.