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How to Dress to Make Yourself Look Skinnier


We know that diets and some exercise are the right way to get slim, but what about some more immediate ways of looking slimmer? Stylists around the world agree that looking slimmer is something you can easily achieve by dressing correctly and highlighting your best features. There are a whole bunch of tips and tricks you can use when getting dressed to look slimmer and visually shed some pounds in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the key tips on how to dress to make yourself look skinnier.

1. Pick The Right Undergarments

There’s no point in wearing something that’s too small for you or something that digs in and makes you look like you’re about to burst at the seams. Make sure you’re wearing the correct size and if you want a smoother appearance try undergarments with tummy control or extra support in the areas that you need it. There’s no shame in wearing shapewear, even Kim Kardashian does it.

2. A V-Neck Can Make Your Chest Look Slimmer

Many top-heavy women think that they should hide away their body and cover up all the way to the neck which is kind of the opposite of what you should do. If you’re top-heavy and want to visually minimize that area and make it look more proportional try wearing a v-neck. It will elongate your upper body and even out the proportions. The deeper the v-neck the better. But obviously don’t go overboard, you don’t want to look vulgar when going to a serious event.

3. Use Jewelry To Your Advantage

Another good way to elongate your neck and slim down your top part is to wear long jewellery. It will draw attention downward, and create a v-shape that will make you appear slimmer. It’s also a nice way to direct the attention towards your face instead of any other body part. Wearing a long layered necklace has a similar effect. And the same goes for bracelets that draw attention to your wrist which is the slimmest part and focus it there instead of upper arms.

4. Wear Corset Tops To Show Off Curves

If you think that wearing baggy clothes will somehow make you look skinnier, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’ll just make you look even bigger than you are. Instead of wearing a baggy top that swallows you up, try wearing corset tops or dresses cinched in at the waist to highlight the smallest part of your waist.


5. Monochrome Is The Way To Go

You’ve all heard that wearing dark clothes and especially black can be slimming, but the same is true with just full monochrome looks. You don’t have to wear black if you don’t want to, you can wear red and still look skinnier as long as you pick the right cut and actually wear a fully red outfit. There’s just something about wearing one color that makes one look more put together and slimmer at the same time.

6. Wear The Right Shoes

In order to look slimmer you might also want to look taller, it’ll even out your proportions a little. The best way to do that is to wear pointed shoes, pointed heels are best, but also just in general, matching your heeled shoes to your skin tone is the best thing because they’ll just blend in and give you the illusion of longer legs. Nude shoes for the win!

7. Wear A Blazer With Dark Jeans

High waisted jeans are your best friend when it comes to looking skinnier, they just hold you in in all the right places and show off your curves in the best way possible. But another thing you can do is wear a blazer with them to further streamline your silhouette. Just make sure to wear a blazer with a v-neck collar and in the right size. You can also wear it open to create that line in the middle that will elongate you.

8. Wear Your Hair Up

This isn’t exactly a dressing tip but we think it’s equally important and deserves a spot on this list. Women often choose to hide behind their hair and keep it long and wear it down as a security blanket. But it’s actually way better to wear your hair up and away from your face, in a high ponytail. It’ll actually visually make your face look slimmer.