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Makeup Artist Turns Women Into Beauty Queens, And You Won’t Believe Your Eyes


Makeup has been around for ages, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that some women have become real pros in emphasizing the beautiful features, while concealing all the imperfections. Real professionals can transform a woman’s face with just a few strokes of a brush, some blush, eye-shadows, and powder. It may sound ridiculously easy, but in fact it’s the opposite of that – you have to have a trained eye and a steady hand to create a beautiful look that is not far-fetched, yet is beautiful enough to turn heads. Mohima, a famous Instagramer and a makeup artist, is exactly that kind of professional! Here are a few of her most amazing works.

You may argue that it’s easy to create a gorgeous look when the customer is already a pretty woman – well, we have to agree on that! Mohima’s customer is a sweet lady that is turned into a real stunner with carefully picked jewellery and impeccable makeup.

Mohima specializes on bridal makeup, but she does casual looks, too. Gorgeous Zehra is transformed into a beauty queen with an emphasis on her stunning eyes. But those brows are to die for!

The artist also pays special attention to details like exquisite dupattas, beautiful sarees, and of course – jewellery! A few stunning pieces of jewellery will hold the whole look together, creating additional emphasis on the client’s beautiful features.


The secret is to enhance the natural beauty of women without changing too much. Mohima is doing a great job at hiding small imperfections, all the while shedding light on the things that are most beautiful. And yes, it’s all about the eyes!

While it is true that eyes are very important when it comes to makeup, we can see that Mohima pays great attention to a woman’s skin, using her concealer arsenal to create smooth-looking, nearly perfect skin.

And last, but not least, a transformation that is as smooth as it is stunning. It’s like a different person altogether!