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Negative Space Nail Art Is All The Rage This Summer


Say good-bye to thick coats of colourful nail polish and elaborate nail art that takes hours to create. Well, you can still have all that, of course, but the new trend that is all the rage this summer is minimalistic, simple, and fresh like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Also known as ‘base coat nail art’, negative space nail art is painted over a coat of clear nail polish – that’s it! Stripes, polka dots, cute tiny flowers or yummy fruits – the possibilities are endless. You can either go to a salon to get a taste of this new trend or start experimenting yourself. Here are a few negative space nail art designs to get you inspired.
This cute bubbly negative space nail art will remind you about droplets of cold water throughout the day. It’s the most refreshing design ever.

A new take on the French manicure, this negative space nail art design is more elegant, with thinner lines and an elegant half-moon stripe as a finishing touch. Look simple, but amazing!


Fresh lemons, anyone? This nail art design is playful, refreshing, and fun to wear, especially during the scorching summer days when it’s so important to cool down a bit.

This glittery gold manicure will glam up your daytime look or make your evening attire stand out even more. When making a gold ombre, make sure you change the shades a little bit for the best effect.

Go for simple pink and lilac diagonal stripes if you want to try one of the negative space nail art designs yourself. It’s easy to make, but still looks pretty amazing and impactful.

Cute little rainbows will definitely make your day brighter and more colourful.


Pastel stripes and checkers are a perfect choice if you need your nails to look stunning both during the day and in the evening. They can easily transition from casual to posh in a blink of an eye!

Negative space mani gives you space (pun intended) for your creativity to unfold. Use accent nails to the fullest with cute and gorgeous art ideas that will really stand out.


Dotting is one of those fun techniques you should try doing yourself at least once. The result will really surprise you!

Minimalistic doesn’t mean plain or boring! You can go all the way with modern designs and wacky ideas that will turn your nails into real works of art.


Go unconventional with bits and pieces of tin foil do create the most futuristic-looking nails we’ve ever seen!

Your summer will not be complete without a sunny floral design that goes perfect with light dresses and sandals.