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Pixelated Hair Is The New Trend Taking The World By Storm


It’s hard to say if we’re all just trying to look for something new and exciting to do with our hair because we’re sick of winter or because we’re now all obsessed with looking more like a game character than a real person. But here’s what we found today. The new hair trend taking over the internet and the world by storm is pixelated hair. We can’t deny that it looks impressive and interesting and out of this world, but how did we get here?



The company that invented this new hair coloring technique is called X-Presion, and it’s a hair research and development company in Madrid. They say that it wasn’t really planned and kind of happened as an accident. One day they were working on a model for a big show and it just happened. It didn’t exactly look the way it does now though. It was something they’ve then decided to study and improve upon and not the result is what you see below.


According to hair stylists, pixelated hair is actually easy to achieve as long as you follow certain rules and study the technique, which you can do at the X-Presion Creative Education Seminars. So you know, this amazing mix of art and hair coloring is a skill you can achieve if you’re into it.



Another thing that comes to mind when you look at pixelated hair is – how does it hold up in every day wear? Does it only look good on day one, after the hair stylist has arranged your way in a certain way? Because it looks like if you were to blow dry it slightly differently the whole effect would be lost.


According to X-Presion it’s actually easy to maintain. The hair is colored in a way that allows some movement to your hair without ruining the effect, so that’s good. And as your hair grows, the pixels would remain, just move lower on your hairline with growth. So you can either keep it the way it is, or you can add more pixels closer to the root gradually as the hair grows.




So if you like this funky new hair trend we urge you to try it out, just make sure your hair stylists has learned the technique. It definitely looks like a lot of fun and you’re bound to get lots of compliments from friends and people on the street, and hey, maybe you’ll even get your minute of stardom on the internet.


As you can see you can do it on a variety of hair colors and lengths.


You’re not really limited at all in terms of shapes and designs you want to make out of these hair pixels.



And you can even shape entire characters on your hair and create pixel art.


Whether you want Mario or just a beautiful pixelated color blocks – your only limit is your imagination.