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Secrets of Indian Women: 8 Herbs You Should Use for Gorgeous Hair


It’s not a secret Indian women have lustrous hair. We can blame genes all we want, but truth is Indian ladies care about their hair a lot. Western women tend to focus on skin as it shows signs of ageing the most, often ignoring their gorgeous locks until they start looking not so good. One of the main secrets of Indian women’s beautiful hair is the use of herbs. They start early in life and make it a part of their regular hair beauty routine. Here are 8 herbs you should use for gorgeous hair.


Indian women use shikakai regularly to cleanse hair as it is one of the most natural ways to do it without using shampoo. It also doubles as a conditioner, so if you want to take a break from using chemical shampoos, shikakai is your new best friend. Indian ladies mix it into a brown paste and use it as a kind of hair mask. Your hair will become soft and less oily.


Brahmi is an herb well-known in Ayurveda for its mind-calming properties. It turns out brahmi is also great for strengthening your hair and improving your scalp’s blood circulation, which greatly stimulates hair growth. It’s good for skin, hair roots, and will make you say good-bye to those nasty split ends that keep coming up.


Aloe is one of those wonderful plants that are used in all kinds of beauty products. Whether it’s skin, hair, or detox drinks – aloe covers it all! It’s a natural moisturizer that will keep your hair strands silky and easy to brush through. If you have curly or thick hair, aloe will make your strands more manageable.


In Ayurveda bhringraj is used as an ultimate remedy for hair loss and lacklustre hair. It’s also the perfect herb to keep those pesky grey hairs from appearing earlier than they should. Bhringraj will make your hair scalp healthy, all the while moisturizing it and nourishing your hair strands. If you have thin hair, use bhringraj powder to make a paste or mix it with coconut oil for a hair mask and apply regularly. Mix with amla, shikakai, and brahmi to fight hair greying.



Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a great source of vitamin C and can be taken as a food supplement to promote hair growth and boost overall immunity. Using amla powder in your hair care routine will condition your hair, making it smooth and shiny. Use an amla hair rinse or create your own amla-infused oil for hair and use it as a rejuvenating mask.


Methi (fenugreek) is an all-time favourite when it comes to hair health and beauty. Its anti-inflammatory properties help cure dandruff, as well as a number of other skin conditions. It’s a powerful antioxidant, so you can say good-bye to acne and scalp irritation. Fenugreek is a great conditioner and can be used instead of the chemical ones you get from the store. You can also add it to your hair mask, creating a nourishing vitamin boost for your hair.

Marshmallow root

This amazing plant will bring relief to itchy dry scalp and coarse hair almost immediately. It will also make your tangled curls smooth and manageable, removing frizz and preventing split ends. Marshmallow root is a powerful hair growth booster that nourishes your hair, making it shiny and bouncy. Make a hair rinse using marshmallow root to add shine and volume to your hair.


This aromatic herb is a perfect remedy to bring back shine and lustre to your hair. Its revitalizing properties will make your hair vibrant and bouncy even if it does look a bit dull now. If you have sensitive scalp and experience itchiness on a regular basis, rosemary will cure this, too. You can make a simple rinse using rosemary or mix your own home-made version of rosemary oil.