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The Best & Worst Hairstyles For Women


Haircuts are tricky business. We’ve all heard horror stories about going to the hairdresser looking ok and coming out looking like a mess and emotionally scarred. Bad haircuts can ruin your mood for days if not weeks or months while you’re waiting for your hair to grow out. Just like good haircuts can make your day and make your life that much easier for the foreseeable future. Having a good haircut can actually cut down on stress and the time you spend wrestling with your hair in the morning. The thing is, however, that haircuts are usually a very personal thing. What looks great on your favourite celebrity or your best friend might look horrible on you and vice versa. Haircuts are best when they’re personalised for your face share and hair texture, but there are a couple of hair cuts out there that are safe for most people and are suitable for pretty much everyone. Same goes for universally bad haircuts too. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst haircuts for women.

Best: Long Layers

Long layers are a good option for most people, but especially good for those with curly hair. If you’re curly and you have a lot of hair you know that feeling of having too much hair to be able to deal with. It goes frizzy, it’s heavy and it seems to form a pyramid on your head if you keep all of it the same length. So long layers are definitely the way to go. Plus the length might help to combat the frizz and keep your curls at bay just because of the weight of the long hair.

Worst: V Shape

It used to be a trend in the 90s and early 2000s, you know that haircut that created a v-shape around your face. You might think it’ll frame your face nicely, but really it just looks like a weird fishtail and also you can’t really style it any other way apart from wearing it down. No up-dos will work with that hairstyle and even a ponytail will look absolutely ridiculous. Stay away from this haircut.

Best: Soft Layers

If you have straight or wavy hair soft layers are your best friends. This type of haircut looks good on literally everyone and it makes your hair look good even if all you did was wash and dry it. The layers will add a bit of texture and volume to straight hair too, which is a win-win if you ask me. The number of layers will have to be determined by the hairdresser depending on your hair density and thickness, the same goes for the length of layers, but usually framing the face is a good idea.

Worst: Bangs On A Wide Face

You can do whatever you want, after all, it’s your hair and your face. We’re not trying to say that you absolutely can’t have bangs if you have a wider face. However, if having a wide face is something you’re insecure about or something you don’t necessarily want to highlight – don’t get bangs. They will only make your face look wider.


Best: Blunt Bob

Lots of women think that if they have a round face they can’t possibly have a short bob, because it would make their face look even bigger and rounder but that’s not the case. If your face is round, having long hair is doing nothing for it. However, a blunt bob can soften the roundness of one’s face and because it’s blunt, those straight lines will add some angularity to your face.

Worst: Super Long Hair

Unless you’re a model bound by a contract to have super long hair – there’s no need for that. You don’t want hair you’re incapable of taking care of. Be realistic, it’ll just get in the way, it’s really hard to take care of and you won’t actually do some insane up-dos. Most of the time it’ll just be away in a boring braid or you’ll sit on in. Plus washing and drying it will take forever and you can’t even style it. Just making it look shiny and healthy is a feat.

Best: Asymmetrical Bob

Speaking of bob haircuts, another option is an asymmetrical one, also known as an A-line bob. Basically, you get shorter hair in the back and longer in the front. It looks super chic even if you don’t style it, but can be made to look softer with some waves or super fancy if straightened. There’s a reason Victoria Beckham has stuck with this haircut for years. It’s low maintenance, it looks good on everyone and it’s cool AF.

Worst: Tight Perm

Nope, perms didn’t stay in the 80s, they’re back with a vengeance even in 2020. But this time around they don’t fry your hair and you can control the tightness of the curl. So if you have straight hair and all you’ve ever wanted is to have a curly mop of hair – go ahead and get a perm, but make sure you get lose and modern looking curls, not the tight 80s style perm that’s the stuff of nightmares.