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How to Cut Your Bangs at Home


In most cases, we’d never suggest you learn how to cut your own bangs, but since we’re all in the midst of a global pandemic and feel like everything is out of control, we understand the urges to at least control your hairstyle. It’s always best to get a professional to do this, but we’re all guilty of at least thinking of how to cut bangs at home. So since it’s bound to happen either way we thought we’d at least try to help you and make sure you don’t mess up your hair completely. Here are a few tips and tricks that we’ve found that will guide you on how to cut your bangs yourself and not end up looking ridiculous.

Get The Right Tools

The question of “ how to cut my own bangs ” should always be followed with “what tools do I need”. It’s never a good idea to just go at them with kitchen scissors or the ones you use for crafting. If you’re going to do this and want your bangs to look good you need to use the right tools. You will need proper hair cutting shears, some alligator clips to section off your hair, and a fine-tooth comb to get a precise parting.

Don’t Wet Your Hair

So many people think that since they do that at the hair salon you need to do that at home too. But what you’re not thinking of is that while cutting hair when it’s wet is more precise, the hairdresser at the salon has years of practice and knows exactly how long your bangs need to be to look good. But if you wet your hair you risk cutting them too short and when you dry them they’ll be way too short. So keep them dry, in fact, style them the way you would and only then cut them.

Never Cut Straight Across

It might seem like the most logical thing to just cut straight across and get a straight line, but that’s not what’s going to happen. It’ll end up looking weird. It’s better to take your time and just do point cutting. You know that thing your hairdresser does where she cut vertically? That’s the best way to get a natural look and not a weird line in your hair.


How To Trim Bangs

If you already have bangs, you’re halfway there. Trimming them is way easier than trying to cut your bangs for the very first time. You basically already have the guideline there, you just need to take off a bit of length. To do that just pinch the hair between your pointer and middle finger and pointcut into it, checking periodically to make sure you haven’t gone too far.

How To Cut Your Own Bangs Long

If you like the look of long bangs – you’ll have to cut the front section of your hair a few different lengths. First, section off the front part of your hair. Then take the very middle of it, trim it to about nose length and from there do some point cutting until you reach about the length of your eyebrows, don’t go above them. Then cut the side parts diagonally from the middle downwards. Make sure this initial cut is way longer than you want them to be in the end and then just point-cut them bit by bit to frame your face.

How To Cut Side Bangs

Side bangs might seem like an easy thing but they’re actually the easiest to mess up. First, you have to section off the front part of your hair that will become your bangs, then divide into smaller sections so that you work with thin layers of hair. Then decide which way you want your side bangs to fall. Brush a section of hair to the opposite side, pinch in between your fingers and point cut them straight. When you brush it out the side you were cutting on will look shorter and the other side will be longer. Pointcut until you reach the desired length, but remember that with side-swept bangs it’s better to keep them longer than go too short. You need the shorter side to still be long enough to sweep over to the other side.