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The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape


Bangs are quite a controversial topic. On one hand, when you get them right, they’re cool and quirky, they can completely transform your look and make your haircut more interesting and chic. On the other hand, bangs also have this bad reputation of something you get when you’re going through some stuff or having a crisis. We’ve all seen too many videos of people cutting their own bangs and it’s often been framed as a mistake or a rash decision you regret for months while you wait for your bangs to grow out. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you get them done by a professional and you pick the right kind of bangs that suit the shape of your face. So let’s see what bangs are best for every face shape.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are generally wider at the top, with a bigger forehead, nice cheekbones and a small, sometimes pointed chin. The 70s inspired bangs that are long and feathery on the sides and shorter in the middle are a great option for those who want to even out their face shape and make it look more oval, plus these bangs are super in trend right now. Alternatively, you can also go for baby bangs (not to be mistaken for micro bangs). Baby bangs are on the shorter side, and usually are thinner and more feathery rather than blunt.

Round Face

There’s a false belief that people with round faces should just stay away from bangs. People think that round faces are already small and if you add bangs it’ll make them look even smaller and make the round cheeks look chubby. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Side bangs are an awesome option for round faces as they will visually elongate the face. Blunt micro bangs are also a good idea since they’re short enough to not make your face look squished, but at the same time, they’re cool enough to make a statement and give you that edgy look.


Square Face

If you have a square or rectangular face your best best is long layered bangs that will soften the angles of your face. Another type of bangs that work well for this face shape is A-shaped bangs. As you can imagine they are longer on the sides and go up at an angle, with the shortest bit being in the middle, over your nose. A-shaped bangs are a great way to make your forehead look slightly smaller, while still rocking that awesome angular jaw-line.

Oval Face

When you have an oval face pretty much every type of bang suits you. You’ve basically won the lottery when it comes to face shapes. Most bangs styles and most haircuts will look amazing on you. You will look good with blunt bangs, but if you soften them and make them medium length, not quite over your brows, but just at the right height where the bangs graze the eyebrows – that’s a winning combination right there.

Long Face

Long faces need long bangs. Anything blunt and short will only accentuate the original shape of the long face. Which isn’t necessarily a bag thing, but if your goal is to visually make your face look smaller and achieve that cute look – you might want to go for long, grown-out bangs that are feathered and go past your eyebrows. Another good option is to go for angled side bangs which will visually create a diagonal across your face and center most of the attention in the middle of your face, which is what all of us really want.