20 Creative Shoe Concepts By Shamekh Bluwi

If you love beautiful illustrations, fashion design and have a passion for creative shoes – you should take a look at this Instagram account. Shamekh Bluwi is an illustrator and a fashion designer based in Amman, Jordan. He does a variety of things on his Instagram, from minute sketches to fashion illustrations of beautiful dresses to some very creative shoe concepts that would look absolutely phenomenal if someone were to actually manufacture them. We’d love to see something like this at a fashion show. These really wouldn’t look out of place on a runway. Take a look at some of these awesome heels Shamekh has drawn up, we promise you’ve never seen anything like this before.

1. Wonder Woman heels for strong independent superhero ladies, but also an “I do” pair of heels for when the right partner comes along.

2. Pacman shoes for gamers, and playground shoes for stylish moms that still love a good heel. There’s something for everyone.

3. We love the love letter heel concept – for true romantics, and Instagram shoes for modern love. To each their own but which would you prefer?

4. “Time on your heels” for busy ladies and “giddy up heels” for free spirits. There’s many ways to interpret these.

5. Scorpion shoes for dangerous women and flamenco shoes for those who are dangerous in a very different way.

6. Billiard heels for lucky players and Rocketman heels to remind you to shoot for the stars. We all need a lucky pair of heels sometimes.

7. Seasonal autumn heels and spring tulip heels for those who are in tune with mother nature. Which ones do you like more?

8. Turtles or armadillo heels? We’ve never seen anything like this before but an interesting and unique concept for sure.

9. Pharaoh heels for those who want to feel like monarch and ballerina heels for the graceful. What occasions would you wear these to?

10. Bunny shoes for the daring girls who don’t believe in stereotypes and panda heels for the environmentally aware?