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8 Interesting Facts to Know About Mikayla Nogueira


If you haven’t heard of Mikayla Nogueira by now, you should have. This up and coming content creator is taking TikTok by storm. She is a beauty influencer that specializes in producing content that is raw and unfiltered. Even though she does try out current beauty trends, her raw content makes Mikayla a different kind of beauty influencer because she does not subscribe to typical beauty standards. Only in her early 20s, Mikayla is already establishing an astonishing brand for herself. But how much do you really know about this social media guru? If you are ready to learn more about this TikTok connoisseur, check out these 8 interesting facts to know about Mikayla Nogueira. 

Mikayla’s videos are intentionally unpolished

Because of her views on what is relatable, Mikayla make sure that her beauty videos are raw and authentic. “People don’t relate to scripted videos,” Nogueira said. “That’s not real life. I just want to be real life.” She once said in a video that she was going to create “perfect look for going to Olive Garden.”

Mikayla has a Boston accent

22-year-old Mikayla was born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 13, 1988. She is known for her raw Boston accent in her videos. It gives her an edge and flair that defines her brand. 

She has a lot of followers on her social media presence

Mikayla has accounts on both TikTok and Instagram. Combining these two platforms, she has millions of followers. They love to take her advice and perspective on products and different looks. 

Makeup has been Mikayla’s escape

Even though she has plenty of people who accept her and gravitate towards her, this was not always Mikayla’s life. When she was growing up, she had a rough go of things and her peers were not always kind to her. “I was not accepted in a lot of different ways,” she said. “Having a deeper voice, being really short. And makeup was a way for me to sort of escape from that.”


Makayla views makeup as an art form

Many beauty gurus think of makeup as a form of art, and Mikayla is no exception. It is a popular view of makeup as superficial and shallow. But for those that needed makeup as a lifesaver, they think of makeup as a lot deeper than that. “For much of my life, makeup was what I went to feel happy, to feel a sense of love,” she said. 

Mikayla only started her online content during the pandemic

In such a short amount of time, Mikayla has been able to amass a ridiculous amount of followers. She posted her very first TikTok video just over a year ago, in March 2020. She started on social media with the Catfish Challenge, which was trending last year. The Catfish Challenge is when women glam up in makeup and show a comparative video of them bare faced, and let social media users decide if they are indeed a “catfish,” or so deceptively different in makeup.  

Mikayla’s first video was very popular

“Once I posted it, it just instantly went viral,” she said. In her video, she was showing how effectively she can cover up her acne. In many of the comments, she is being flooded with praise and applause for her makeup skills. She is very open about her skincare challenges and subsequent journey. “I knew people enjoyed watching me and that I had a following, but I didn’t know that the impact was that big,” she said. 

She won a 2020 American Influencer Award

With all of her influential content, Mikayla ascended to heights of success that many other influencers have not been able to for years. She was awarded an American Influencer Awards in 2020, and was named the Emerging Makeup Artist of the Year.