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How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly in 2023

Wondering how you can do so? One way is to take account of your beauty products. Making a switch to a more environmentally friendly beauty regimen is a great way to help our climate. To learn more, check out these simple ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly in 2023. 

What The Cast Of Girls Is Doing Today

It was known for its controversy and bold subject matter. With it being such a hit, rumors have been swirling that Dunham may be in talks with HBO to rehash an “older wiser version of the quintessential millennial series.” But 10 years later after the original show debuted, what has the cast been up to?

The Best Lipstick Shade For Your Zodiac Sign

If you know anything about astrology, then you know that there are many variations in personal attributes based on different signs. But have you ever thought about zodiac signs in regard to makeup? Every zodiac sign has some distinguishable traits that make them all very interesting to analyze. One insight for zodiac signs that you may have not seen before is lipstick options.

How To Leave A Relationship Gracefully

No matter how great a relationship is going initially, sometimes there comes a time when it is time to end things. It’s not what any of us look forward to, but the unfortunate truth is that relationships can take a turn for the worst. And when that happens, you have to know how to pivot and make the best decision for you.